Horse Stable Equipment

stable equipment

Well-equipped stables are always well stocked with a range of stable accessories. With our new stable lighting line your stable will be illuminated for sure. Horseback riding and training all year round in our inexpensive and spacious riding arenas. in the Horse Barn & Stable Supplies &

Equipment. A barn and stable accessories to do all your stable work.

Stables and stable supplies - Schneider's

The stable becomes a second home for horse lovers. Offer organised, secure and convenient housing with high value, long lasting and accessible stable stores & accessories. Horsemen are spending a lot of money in the shed, so you want to make sure your stay there is as well organised as possible.

Today there are a number of stable stores that make your stable life simple and pleasant, and Schneiders offers a large range of these articles at great value-for-money. If you are looking for a tool to help you clean out your stall, or a cosy seat to get into your saddle room, Schneiders has it all - and a few things you may not even know you were looking for.

Automatic feeding machines and straw trays help to keep fodder and grass away from the floor for the stable of your horse and to wash them for the foodstuff. Explore our contemporary heavy -duty material sacks, the high-grade steal rack that attaches directly to the barn walls, and the moulded plastics conveyors that can be fitted in a single angle to maximise barn area.

In order to make the distribution of food for your horse even more simple and precise, Schneiders also provides food spoons with clearly labelled dimensions and ergonomically designed grips, which make it child's play to use. It' easy to care for with spraying flasks that effortlessly dose all your favourite items, from care procedures to insect repellents and everything in between.

Schneider even has cleaning pouches that allow you to transport all important cleaning items in a single rack, which includes handheld cleaning pouches and roller pouches that are ideal for transport to trade fairs. You' ll like Schneider's range of stable or saddle-room seats for the riders, which are easily collapsed, packed and even taken away.

Design your saddle room or dress area at a show with stable covers or even include a sturdy pad outside your camper or trailers for a classy look at your next horse show.

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