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Stable Games

The members breed, show, run, train and care for their own horses. Attempt to win races by pushing your horse at the right time, do not practice on your horse or you will fail! You can enjoy the care of the horses in your stable! Stable game you play here. Playing the best games online.

Common rules

DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR GAMING LOG-IN INFORMATION. It is your own risk to ensure the safety of your bankroll. In addition, you further consent to abide by the rules and conditions listed below. In order to avoid this, you should not release your bankroll, give away your bankroll information, or sign in to an bankroll that is not yours.

Login to an unowned user can also be regarded as a hacker or unauthorised person with the consent of the user. Do not ask another member to scrape a horse from a show, races or competitions. They may not ask any other member to register a horse outside the show.

Exhibitions must be open to all members who have a horse in this class and show. Do not name your show, your racing or your contest in a way that would prevent other members from registering a horse at their best event/distance or skills. It' not allowed to hack member account, games database, server or other gaming softwares and hardwares.

Attempting to circumvent the safety of the games or the desired functions is regarded as fraud and is not permitted. Checking or checking may cause your profile to be kicksed or removed from play, even if you have already purchased to use the site. BY USING THIS WEBSITE, YOU AGREE TO BE GOVERNED BY THESE LEGAL PROVISIONS.

DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE GENERAL PROVISIONS AND THE REGULATIONS. any cost and expense (including appropriate legal representation fee, whether or not a legal action is initiated) directly or indirectly sustained or threatened or claimed by any of the Indemnified Parties in relation to your use of the Services or your breach of the policies and procedures set forth herein.

By submitting a complaint to the state or state court of Fauquier County, Virginia, under these conditions, you consent to the competent authority of those court to bring such complaint. The present General Conditions and the regulations apply until termination by one of the parties.

Cancellation of this License may be made by deleting all material, files, programs, text, photographs or documentation you have purchased from this website. Do not copy, replicate, modify, make derivative works, publish, transfer, sell, produce, install or use as your own work. They accept all risks resulting from the use of such material with regard to its function, exactness, correctness, value or applicability.

It is recommended that all individuals do so at their own risks, and that they give information and perform the games. To better serve ads that may be of interest to you, the third parties collect information on a passive basis (without your name, your e-mail or phone number) each and every use of this website and other websites.

For more information, please refer to this FAQ or unsubscribe and this information will not be gathered by this third parties.

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