Horse Stable Gifts

Stable Gifts

Gifts of thanks and gifts - The No. 1 for equestrian farms, stables and coaches Click here to see our New Products page and five selected Christmas gifts. Don't let the festive season pass without thanking your customers for making your store what it is. Think about giving one of these 10 gifts this year: There is nothing amiss about a little self-promotion in the shape of a useful Christmas present.

Just as your customers are travelling, so is your advertising on the farms. A thing you can't have too many of are pictures of your horse. When you ( or a customer or friend) feel like having a photo taken, take a few snapshots of the customers' ponies, take your favourite pictures to a photo store, have them framed as a gift.

Begin early with this you might need a few cute days to get all the good shots you need. TheseĀ  are cute, but with a little bit of Creativity yourself, you can make an eatable formation for your horsehairy client with sized fruit and vegetable, sugars and straw dices, placed in a small pail.

An oversized set of hair care shampoos, detanglers and various types of brush is a useful present that can be stored in a horse pendant or showcase. Give your customers their own indulgence-presents. They are particularly suitable for storage in semitrailers, horseboxes, and lorry gloves for cracked rider's buttocks.

Plan a free hospital event for your customers. Horse training does not only take place in the shed. Horse specialists provide websites and webcasts on all possible subjects. Add to the general equestrian expertise of your customers by giving away a gift membership for a range of healthcare, diet, behaviour or care products. Allow your customers to select which months - if you give all 20 per cent off their January bill, your return will take a hit, but if you let them select which months they want to use the rebate, they probably won't all use the rebate at the same timeframe.

When you have a choosy customer shed ( "Is there a shed without them?"), giving a coupon to your favorite tactical retailer is a better wager than trying to pick an object that suits them all. If you have a small clientele and you know every single one of them well, going shopping for everyone all year long and coming the weeks before your stable-party would make you still crawl to get the last gifts.

Chances are someone in your circle of buddies or customers can put together a great present - knitted woolen stockings for colder days, festive ornaments, a wineholder made of horse shoes - who you would be honoured to share with your customers. Do your present do your present book now - not in December - and get a crack at squeezing recognition to those who make your shop possible.

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