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Stable Interior

Sturdy interiors that we have completed, as well as a wide range of works by others. See more ideas about Dream Stable, horse farms and horse stalls. The Llena Equestrian Center - a modern horse stable. Pictures of the interior of the horse barn. Show stable fronts, horse stalls, haylofts and central corridors.

Interior of the stable and barn

The majority of horse lovers we meet are more interested in what is in the stable than in what the outside of the stable looks like. In the following you will find some photos of the current stables of our customers and some stables that we have in our company. Hopefully these images will give you a good feeling for your horse's new home and help you build the stable of your dream.

Like our horse stables, our double-width car parks are also available with a pinewood and laths! Kick-boarding and/or riding equipment may differ according to local availability. Due to its resistance to humidity and insects, the cypress cladding can be replaced by whitish pines in the south and west as well.

Spruce can be replaced by wood due to location specificity.

There are 5 Dreamy Barn Interiors von Blackburn Architects

Have a look at these 5 stables of Blackburn Architects. Seek instagram's @blackburn_architects to get a fresh start every day. Upstairs, Beechwood Stables in Weston, Massachusetts. The astonishing stable has nice fanlights that let in a lot of nature sheen. The Utah hay house is neat and tidy with an air of industry.

The Lucky Jack Farm in California is made of timber, plaster and terracotta. The Glenwood Farm is a large estate in South Carolina. Candlesticks make a dramatically nice appearance. Bright woods look nice and a lot of sun comes through the room. Be sure to follow instagram's mysql to see more!

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