Horse Stable Online

Stable Online

Choose a horse and create your own avatar in the social horse game Star Stable! Discover the island of Jorvik on horseback! Playing Star Stable online is free. Prepared for more Star Stable Online!!

!!! Take a look at the latest SSO horses, the Lusitano horse!

StraightStable - Free Online Game Playing

Join your mates for a fun equestrian adventure in Star Stable! Stable is an online horse racing adventure where you can select your own horse and discover the Jorvik Islands where you keep your stalls. You will be able to activate more horse breed. They can hold as many as you want!

On Jorvik there is more to do than just ride a horse. It is possible to join your friend and join the equestrian clubs for the contest or just for the team. Enjoy the great horse racing Star Stable!

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Stable successful with online horse play by disregarding good advices

Stable Entertainment has broken many regulations when it was released in 2012. Made an online horse racing match, Star Stable, for youngsters. There is a subscriptions charge and a dedicated gaming machine. It remained online instead of jumping into the phone with a million other contenders.

It turned out to be a good choice for the Stockholm based enterprise. Stable has an operating community in 180 nations and 11 different language versions. 6 million in the world - about 98 per cent of them women - have already download the Sudan. There are no announcements of mobile phone subscribers per month, but it is enough to help 55 employees.

Massive Online Multimedia Games play the storyline on a mystic Jorvik Isle. Gamers can roam on horseback in a beautiful 3-D setting. Up to now the gameplay has received more than 3,000 upgrades. Addressing 8-17 year old children is difficult because the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) severely restricts communications.

At the end of 2012, the match made its debut in Swedish only. When it brought out the bends, the markets in Northern Europe, the USA and the remainder of the globe were growing. In the course of elapsed period, more than 150,000 video clips have been published on YouTube. Though it has been growing constantly, the business has never collected any funds.

Nevertheless, the match has 182,000 supporters on Facebook. Star Stable is largely dependent on the presence of brands among supporters to promote the name. Both Tobbe Larsson (a world-famous horse whisperer) and Reed Kessler (the incumbent co-national champions in US show jumping) take part in the team.

At Instagram, the number of trailers has risen by 350 per cent to 50,000 since the beginning of the year. The number of Follow-Up members on Twitter grew by 150 per cent to 5,800 and YouTube by 200 per cent to 34,000. Regarding the forthcoming, Gunnarson said the business will one day choose to go for mobil. Complementary applications for portable endpoints, which have not yet been introduced, are being developed by Star Stable Entertainment.

It' a horse show at Star Stable.

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