Horse Stable Playset

Stable Playset

7337979100 play set for horses stable This is my horse realm! Maybe not a whole realm, but this stable is certainly a place for your horse. To see all the inside detail, open the fold-out magnet parts. Gather and push the straw back, loading through the barns and feeding the animals. Connection to the BRIO wood railroad with detachable rail.

At the same time, we create well-made, high-value, cutting-edge products with clear, straightforward design that stimulate children's creative minds and fantasies while promoting and sustaining every phase of their lives. Each part is made of 100% FSC-certified honeybee timber from sustainable forest management and is engineered to last.

Sleich Stablehorses Accessory Playset, 22,4 x 15 x 5,5

It is detachable and is used together with the paddock as an open paddock. Each paddock contained in the kit can be attached directly to the stable to give the horse room to run. Sometimes, if you wish, a horse can exit the stable through the gate.

The fanlights of the stable are comfortable to move. If required, for example, the stall temperatures and the amount of cool breeze are controlled. There is a mounting for saddles and bridles in the stable. Cisterns and feeding stands are positioned so that the horse is always well supplied. The box contains the name of the horse and a label on it.

Playmobile My Secrets Horse Stable Playbox Playset

With the My Secrets Horse Stable Playbox you can also drive through the landscape on the way. Opened to unveil a cosy horse stable with horse and cover, stable with work doors, cleaning kit, saddles and more. After the children have completed their canter for the entire afternoon, keep each item in the case, unfold it, close the case and keep the keys on the bottom of the caddy.

The set also contains a figurine, cats, mice, grasshoppers, baskets, buckets, fences, birds' nests, troughs and other equipment. Playmobil, Germany's biggest producer of play goods based in Zirndorf, has been manufacturing and selling playthings for more than 36 years. Playmobil's minature world encourages kids to discover and study with pleasure.

Playmobil Palace transports children's fantasy into the Middle Ages, with Playmobil-pirate ships into the adventure sea and many other theme worlds.

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