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Stable Products

Launch of the Horse Care Loyalty Rewards Program for Farnam, Vita Flex and Horse Health Supplements. Equine Ultra Slow Feeder Horse Hay. Receive high quality stables for all your riding needs. Stables, stables, barn doors & windows, paddock pens and more.

Stable Supplies LLP sells all types of veterinary supplies, horse accessories and equine equipment.

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As Online for Equine understands that it is important for your horse to be at home in his stable, we provide you with an excellent range of stable and farm gear to help you make his surroundings as comfortable as possible. As we know that cleaning out your horse can be a painstaking job, we have chosen our tooling from the best producers here in the UK to make sure it is convenient and long-lasting enough for daily use.

Not only do we have the best horse care bristles from areas like Bentley Equestrian, but also the best brands of shampoo and accessories that really work!

The website is full of products for the sport horse, from potent anti-oxidants to muscular growth hormones, from traumas to the brush! One of the unique features of the website is the richness of know-how and expertise, which includes consulting and instructional video. You will find a wide selection of products: horse additions from many major brands such as TRM, Horse First, Lambourn Horse, UK and NAF; horse worms such as Eqvalan, Equimax, Equest Pramox and the Akker series.

Also Vetrol Medical's main distributor, Robinson's Healthcare, offers a wide selection of dressing, bandage and packs. You will find that we also offer products for pets: fleet treatment such as Frontline Spot-On and Fiproclear Spot On and worm treatment for small pets such as Dronetal pills.

You can order from our extensive warehouse of inexpensive food additives & vet products and your order will be handled quickly and effectively.

Parker, Colorado

We do not offer customized BuiltAt Stablemaster panels, we construct horse boxes and stable gates according to your spec. It is our job to make the stable ready for your horse, not back. Our Stablemaster means âcustomised horse boxes as you wish.âCustomer commentsCustomers love our smooth-running stable gates. âThese gates are a pleasure.âFeaturesTip-out Feeder, an upscale stablemaster, offer an ease of one-handed handling that keeps kids safe as they donâ??t have to go into the stalls.

Genuine horse shoe locks, specially developed by Stablemaster, can be opened with one handed and are lacquered to fit the edge of the stable.

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