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We have a wide range of stable carpets to keep your horse warm and comfortable as the temperatures drop. Stable carpets from Ride-Away Having a horse that is comfy makes a horse lucky and we like nothing more than a horse luck. At Ride-Away we carry a wide range of carpets, from light, sturdy carpets in case the temperatures drop in the hot season to heavy carpets for the colder evenings. A wide range of style and design from top names such as Horseware, Shires and Weatherbeeta guarantees you will find exactly what you are looking for to keep your horse snug and snug during the cold season.

When you are in the stable ceiling arena it may be necessary to buy a new one? Have a look at our wide selection of switch carpets and spoil your horse today.

Buyer's Guide 2018

The protection of your horse from the weather is extremely important, and while the horse spends a great deal of outdoor life, it is important that it is well isolated when indoors. At Country & Stable US we know that the well-being and well-being of your horse is a top concern for you as a horse-owners.

In the event of unfavourable climatic factors and fluctuations in temperatures in winter, you can guarantee their convenience by purchasing a high-quality, stable ceiling from our sought-after series. When you are looking to buy a stable cover for the first stall or retrofit an already installed stable cover, we have compiled a practical shopping manual for stable covers to make sure you find the right one for your horse mate.

Which are sturdy carpets? Carpets should keep your horse comfortably and sheltered. The difference between them and switch carpets is that they are smoother and generally not watertight. A number of differently weighting stable carpets are available that are suited for changing temperatures and the season.

If the cold season starts, it is advisable to use carpets of average weights between 200g and 250g or heavy carpets of between 300g and 400g. We do, however, advise you to assess your own horse according to how much heat it can hold. When you are looking for a medium-heavy, stable carpet, select the robust Bucas Celtic Stable 200g Stable Media.

With a"" stay dry" lining, which cleverly transports away excess moisture and sweat, your horse stays dry and comfortable when you wear this high-quality stable blanket. Click-and-go dart bags make it simple to use and the carpet can be laid directly on your horse after training, as the manageable antibacterial liner keeps the carpet in perfect shape.

You can be sure that Amigo will provide the kind of good-looking stable blanket you are looking for. Horseware's Amigo All In One Stable Blanket 200g is a simple to use, one-piece isolator that provides your horse with outstanding full-body comforts. Perfect for delicate ponies, this stable blanket provides the same fill degree from the nostrils to the tails to ensure that their whole bodies are kept at the same atmoshere.

Are you looking for a sturdy and hard-wearing stable rug that is even more comfortable? Explore the Horseware Rambo Optimo stable rug Medium 200g. Equipped with a 1000D rip-stop fabric and a thermofixed fibre filling, your horse is sure to experience warmth and protection during the cold season. In addition, this clever stable rug has a secure collar and a V-lock on the front to avoid rubbing against your cattle.

Giving your horse heat without the burden of a thick carpet on his horse's back is often a real problem. Horseware Amigo Stable Vari-Layer Plus Medium 250g provides a perfect match. Equipped with a hardwearing polystyrene filling and a fully respiration-active polystyrene liner, which also keeps your horse's fur shining, your horse not only feels good, but also looks very good.

What kind of stable blanket do you like?

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