Horse Stable Sheet

Stable plate

Store Big Dee's for stable sheets that keep your horse clean and warm! SmartPak stable sheeting is a good choice if you are looking for a light layer to keep your horse clean and comfortable in the stable. Sheets are a beautiful addition to the wardrobe of your horse or pony.

Stable plates - Schneider's

Schneiders stable boards are the perfect choice if you want to protect your horse from the cold at night or just want his fur to look neat and sound all year round. The light panels do not provide the thick isolation or windproof design of a thicker blanket, but a pleasant, light feeling that will not disturb your horse on warm weather conditions.

Tailor-made panels are available in a large range of shapes, dimensions and comfortable equipment characteristics to meet your individual needs. When you are looking for a leaf that keeps the hair just clear and glossy, Schneiders has a lot to offer. Adjusta-FitĀ® Dura-Nylon panels feature a sleek, highly absorbent inner lining that smoothes the skin and keeps soil and grime from getting on your horse's skin.

Unique smooth and smooth non-woven fabric also help your horse to lose body and head, making his fur look even better than it did before the horse put on the mantle. The rugs come in a very large diversity of colours to match the remainder of your tacks, and they come in a large selection of different horse breeds.

When you are looking for a cloth to cool down after training, Schneiders also provides horse wipes made of wool with moisture-transporting characteristics that absorbs perspiration and prevents your horse from catching a cold. They are made of smooth acrylics (cotton or knitted waffle) that wicks perspiration away from your horse's skin and keeps your horse warmed up.

The membranes can also be used as a base under another ceiling in cold or transition weathers. You can also select from an equally large selection of colours and designs and benefit from Schneider's unbeatably low price on high-quality horse stable boards.

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