Horse Stables Australia

Stables Australia

Shed Shop is a leading horse stable builder in the Macedon Ranges and throughout Victoria, Australia. Stable design, stables, stables, stable mats, stable mats, stable mats

Founded more than 24 years ago by Dene Aitkenhead, The Horse Shed Shop has a proud heritage in the development and manufacture of cutting-edge, secure and high qualitiy horse furnishings. We' ve lived most of our life with our own animals. Our expertise and understanding will help you find the right solutions for your horse's unique needs.

Horse Shed Shop has 5 self-imposed criterions, which all its articles must fulfill: Can it withstand equine use? All of our work is expected to satisfy not less than 5 out of 5, every year.

Stables - Made in Australia by Pineworx

It is also possible to build bunkers according to customer requirements. You are a horse fan who looks in horse stables to keep your horse together near your home for more years? You are training or breeding a horse and need long-lasting, dependable stables or a high-quality stable? Would you like to equip your stable with bigger stables?

If you are looking for a stable, large or small, we have a suitable horse stable for you! We can construct everything from stables, haystacks and even large stables that have been conceived for farm houses or school. Rineworx has a large number of stables for hire, all handmade by experienced craftsmen.

Horse owners consider the need for horse accommodation in which their horse can be accommodated and in which all objects that you use for the maintenance of your broodmares and studs are additionally stored. The shed stables are made of the best material and are durable!

If you buy one of our shed stables, you not only buy a high-quality property, but also a very secure and horse-friendly facility. When planning our stables, our main focus was to create a facility that takes into account the needs of animals, durability and all legal construction regulations.

The stables are all constructed in Australia by experienced craftsmen. The Lean-to-Barn is constructed by attaching a large front spill to one of our infeed barn or shed. Larger overhangs help keep your stables dryer and clean, serve as a running surface for your horse and provide better weather resistance against rains, snows and temperatures in summers.

Additionally, part or the entire overhanging of the hut can be covered to offer even more useful space or protection. Pineworx offers a simple way to build a nice, made-to-measure barnyard without the effort, expense and expense of building a new one. I have a marvellous new shed.

We' d like to take this chance to thank you in anticipation for the support of an Australian company. Our stables are all made in Australia. Not only does this support Australian workers and the Australian economy, it also offers our clients the unparalleled ability to be part of the production chain from beginning to end.

The stables are not inexpensive, but they offer good value for your investment. Considering how long our outstanding stables last, the overall costs prove to be quite favorable in the long run. You are a horse lover. We know you are. Why not make the best possible stables available?

Since all our stables are self-made, we know the special features of our stables like the back of our hands. We' re not just going to sell you a few other barn and vomit a ready-made sale. We know what we are speaking about and provide you with our assistance before and after the purchase of one of our stables.

Our barns and sheds are available in many colours and stains. There is also a choice of metallic or asphaltic tiles available in different colours.

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