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There are 7 ways to experience horse back country life in the city.

Don't miss the all-weather trails that wind their way through this 350-hectare parkland in the heart of the city. Part of the hoofprints and horse manure goes back to the Hyde Parc Stables, which provides hacking through the grounds and teaching in the open-air stadium, as well as holding chicken festivals and children's shelters.

The Stag Lodge stables are located next to the Robin Hood Gate entry of Richmond Industrial Complex. This means you can enter the complex without walking on the street. The program of events comprises poniestage, horse balls and night courses. Riding Club London is the solution. Raising up in the centre of London does not exclude the pleasures of the ponies club - from camping and battles in the waters to testing and insignia.

Centres of the Ponyclub - where kids without ponies can participate in ponies- are available throughout the city, which includes Vauxhall City Farm, Hyde Park Riding School, Lee Valley Riding Centre and Deen City Farm. So why not play in the Ham Poly Valley - the last leftover Poly League in the London area?

The Belmont Caribbean Driver Training Centre is located in an expansive park in Mill Hill in northwest London and is the only driver training centre in the town.

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