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Zinc plated stable doors & barbecues Economical and corrosion resistant. Stables kit, horse stalls, horse stalls, individual horse stalls, options for horse stalls, wood for horse stalls, horse stalls, kits for horse stalls. Our horse stalls, grills & stable fronts are meticulously crafted by experienced Amish Iron Workers in Lancaster County, PA.

Free-standing stable kit exploded view

We have developed our horse stall kits to offer you a high qualitiy and long lasting horse stall and at the same to be a very economical answer to the needs of your horse stall-kits. All of our horse stall kits come with a wide range of floor coverings. The Triton Horse Stall Kits allow you to construct secure, long-lasting and mature boxes with a minimal amount of work.

You supply fabricated parts that do away with most of the laborious work that allows you to erect stables that are sturdy, highly resistant to damage by your horses, and that keep their great look for the living of your stable. With our welding horse boxes, you can offer your horse suitable accommodation at a reasonable price.

Triton horse stables and horse boxes are hot-dip galvanised after manufacture to guarantee the highest level of reliability and longevity. Our stands are available both as construction kits (lowest cost, highest effort) and as standard stands. The Triton Horse stables are made of galvanised tubular iron with 14 languages (or heavier) and a U-profile sealed into a sturdy framework.

After manufacture, the module is then immersed in a hot-dip galvanising fluid to provide the best corrosion resistance in the industrial sector. The galvanised housing system is insensitive to humidity, extreme temperatures, UV radiation and abrasion by itself. No more scratching or varnishing your boxes, unlike using a wooden or powder-coated surface.

As of the date your barn is set up, all conventional servicing work will stop. Like all horse care our stable gets filthy when subjected to the weather and pets, but a gentle wash with a gentle cleanser and plenty of running tap should be enough to make your stable look new. If it is done correctly, it is the best long-term protective agent in the horse sector.

It is galvanised and the carriages are made of high-strength "Delrin" materials, which need neither fat nor film. The Triton Horse stables are built to resist the elements when properly fitted; in fact, Triton Horse stables can resist anything Mother Nature can put in your way (except things like tornadoes).

The TritonĀ® stables have an expected exposure time of up to 80 years. Galvanising is the best form of protective coating in the sector.

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