Horse Stalls for Sale

Equestrian boxes for sale

You can be sure to find all our latest sales items on our sales page. Galvanized stable packages at special prices! The Sunset Valley Metal Craft offers high-quality horse boxes in various sizes that offer strength, safety and durability.

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Equestrian stalls can help horses lead a full, prolific life by providing protection from adverse conditions, safe places to dine and safe areas to rest after a full days of running, jumps or simply cantering on the outdoors. Gliding along the rails, perfect if you don't want to scare an already jumpy horse by opening a swinging gate.

A number of types have stainless aluminium poles that allow the horse to observe and monitor activity in his stable area. When you feel particularly adventure-loving, you can find detailled blueprints to build your own horse stalls without engaging clients. Tell everyone which horse goes where by putting name tags on each shed.

While some name tags are made of timber with laser-cut writing, others show striking pictures of horse shoes and walking heels. It' simple to create a home for your horse that keeps it happily and well.

Stables - modular and stables, horse equipment, compact tractors Made in The USA by CMI.

The HUGE SHAVINGS on automatic feeders, watering troughs & tack room accessories when ordering with horse stable! CMI's stable grids and ducts, produced as a construction set, offer you maximal flexibility in adapting the stables to your specific needs. These horse boxes are available in many different metals and designs and are fixed to supporting poles.

They can buy parts to create front, side and back panels that work the way YOU need them to. CMI stables are pre-assembled stable front, side and rear panels that do not need uprights. The barn segments are locked together and can be shifted slightly in comparison to the kitstyle.

We are the manufacturers of these stands, available in many different types and designs of metals, and can construct them in exactly the sizes you need. Do you need help in choosing between stable sets or horse stalls?

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