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The Charlie and the Horse is a creative short story that teaches children how to take care of toys and other things. The story is part of our Bedtime Stories collection. This young princess loved to ride with Flash, her horse. There are some popular horse books here to run. Each cowgirl needs a horse (Every Cowgirl Series) Cowgirl Kate and cocoa.

It'?s a brief history of how to take things in.

He was a wealthy kid who had more games than you could possibly believe. Actually he then had no clue what things were going to be costing and didn't want to worry about what he had. He also didn't know how hard it was for other kids to get a toy like the one he had.

However, there came a period when he was so used to all his playthings and different things that he started to want something else. His uncle found a beautiful horse and gave it to Charlie as something out of the ordinary. And Charlie was very nervous about having a horse. So he learnt to drive and sat on his horse all the while, going here and there.

The horse, however, was just as poorly handled as all his other gadgets, and it soon looked abandoned and ill. Charlie got really concerned for the first goddamn thing in his Iife. The horse he liked and the fact that his wife and daughter had volunteered to trade it for a new one did not mean anything to him.

Someday, while he was in the country, he saw a little gal with a horse. but the horse seemed lucky and gorgeous. Charlie wondered how she had done it and followed them in secret, observing everything they did. At first he followed them through the woods, where he saw that she never used the lash and never met the horse.

That was the opposite of what Charlie had done with his horse from the very first one. They then came into the barn, and as soon as they came, the little maid was feeding and watering the horse. So Charlie was amazed. He' never done any of this for his horse before. As he saw, the little maiden was spending a great deal of effort taking good look at her horse and that she was doing it all by herself.

That had never occurred to Charlie; he had always been too busy to play and have a good time taking care of the horse. and become like that little gal. Since no one had shown him how to do this, he went over to her and asked her to instruct him how to take care of his horse.

She taught him how to take things good and how to make an effort, and how to enjoy them much more when you do that. And he learnt that you could be much more happy with just a few things you really nursed and maintained than with a thousand and a half thousand good little toy that was only good for a little while and then threw aside.

And Charlie also learnt that the diligence put into these things was sometimes hard, and it took a lot of hard work and a lot of trial and error to do it well. Even so much that it occurred to him to return to his old way of handling his horse. When the horse regained all his power and glory, however, this first horse riding together with the youngster made him so fortunate that it would have been worthwhile to double his efforts.

Consequently, Charlie gave up the constant search for new playthings. Gratefully for his boyfriend he gave her many of his own playthings and more to the kids of the town. All he kept were the few gadgets he really liked. And as he had learnt with the horse, he started to repair and maintain this toy so that he could really have fun with them.

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