Horse Stories for Preschoolers

Stories for preschoolers

There was a horse in a big jungle once. PRINCESS AND HER FAST HORSE Once upon a time in a distant country there was a cute young female principal named Sophie. It was a great palace built in the style of a large palace, where the queen was living with her fathers King Arturo and Queen Victoria. This young little girl liked to ride with Flash, her horse. Normally they trotted in the woods, but what the Princess liked best was to race as quickly as possible around the castles as Flash could canter.

His Majesty King Arturo usually told Princess Sophie to take goodbye to her before she went horsebackriding, and to prevent her from going into the woods, because there once existed a flying creature that was very evil. All of a sudden Princess Sophie realized it was getting black. Looking around, she realized they were deeply in the perilous woods that her dad, King Arturo, had warnpred of.

It'?s not safe," said Sophie. In that moment a peculiar sound was heard between the tree... Princess Sophie and Flash ran away in fear because the sound could come from the perilous flying beast.

Because of the noises of things, the creature came ever nearer, but Sophie did not loose faith. Then she drove on and tried to get out of the woods and into shelter. "Start flash, don't stop! Continue like this and we'll get out," said Prince Flash. They could now see a beam of rays of light among the tree - it must be the way out, but the wing-wing was catching up with them and in retrospect Sophie saw that he wanted to reach for them with his clutches.

"Go, Flash, go! We' re almost there," exclaimed the princess. Then when it seemed that everything was gone and the creature would capture them, Flash galopped faster than he had ever galopped in his lifetime, and they jumped out of the woods and left the perilous wing-wielding creature behind.

"Well done, Flash! It was Sophie crying. As both the principaless and Flash had learnt, certain hazards can be prevented if we follow our parents' counsel. Flash learnt how important it was to encourage Sophie, because her trust in him had spurred him on.

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