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View SWNS Story SWHORSE; Shocking Injury. A horse beats out teenage fangs with a step in his face.

One young woman was beaten senseless and threw out five teeths after being stepped in the face by a horse. Shocking images show beaten Georgia hull, 14, hospitalized after suffering terrible wounds in a geek injury while chasing tracks with boyfriends and relatives. The hull was coldly beaten when a horse in front of her got out on a privately owned property near Wadebridge, Cornwall.

It had to disgorge her teeths while her swelling lips wouldn't let her breath. However, two week after the event - and only a few workingdays after being released from prison - Hull is already back on her bangs. Julie Hull, her shocked mom, was just ahead of the teenager on her own horse when she listened to the cries from behind.

Hull was flown by paramedic plane to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, where she stayed five nights after a four-hour operation to fix and place her mandible. She' s still not able to feed on solid matter and has kicked off and knocked out five teeths and may have to sit and grow before she can get any new ones repaired.

"While I was in front and didn't see it, we essentially only went up one path and the horse in front of me pulled up and rolled her twice and started her in the face. "and Cornwall Air Ambulance took her to Derriford for the operation.

At the top she has discarded her upper dentition, but cannot yet undergo long-term implant surgery," she said. Originally, Hull could only feed through a needle, but now she eats mashed food. Whilst most adolescents would be traumatised by such an event, courageous Hull rode on their ponies again only a few workingdays after they had been released from prison.

"It is embarrassing to her that her teeths are absent and she still has a big clump on her lips and a scar where she was sewn, but she never complaints. "Hull said she wanted to commend Cornwall Air Ambulance for what she had done for her little girl that night. "Saving us a great deal of our lives that night, taking her to the infirmary.

We collected a great deal of donations for the flight outpatient clinic. Driving Georgia off the road to hit the flight dispatcher, having a long mustache for 20 years and razoring at the Royal Cornwall Show to collect money.

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