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Do you ride/train horses often? Are you offering a PDF catalogue for download? Artic horse Backcountry Trail Rock. Possessed by the great horse equipment? Get the NEW catalogue for bags, belts and accessories at home!

Are you offering a PDF catalogue for downloading?

Are you offering a PDF catalogue for downloading? 1- 817-220-8200 to send a printed catalogue to your adress. Where can I change a part? Should your CLS products not fully satisfy your needs, we will be happy to replace or reimburse your order within 30 working day of the date of your order, excluding shipping costs.

The gift recipient is eligible for an equivalent swap, subject to uptime. Please contact Customer Service at 1-817-220-8200 M-F between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to receive your returns and order number.

Horses motif presents, jewelry, clothing, decoration, etc.

Identification Personalised characters, etc. Receive great prizes and a wide selection of horse jewellery, horse décor, soft toy, games, puzzles and more. Take a look at our horse furnishings and our range of graphical T-shirts with horse humour. There is also an exklusive range of riding jacket and sweater embroidery.

Here you'll find everything from comfortable fuel tanks to comfortable fleet hoods, neck crews, and lounges, all with gorgeous horse embroidery styles.

Ron Berndt and his exhibition of West German artwork will be on display again on November 11.

Ron Berndt and his exhibition of West German artworks for purchase on November 11. Mr. and Mrs. Berndt have long owned a West Oklahoma and Texas gallery, and Ron will be offering some of his high value frame and matte works for purchase.

The MOST ARE PROFESSIONAL SHOOFLY AND FRAMED, MANY ARE MADED AND NUMBERED LIMITED EDITION PRIINTS by Tim Cox, Chris Owen, Robert "Shoofly" Shufelt, Steve Devenyns and more! One of the highlights of this sales was the printing of "The Strength of Eagles" by Howard Terpning, an american artist and illuminator, who is one of the most acclaimed performers of occidental arts and generally regarded as the leading indian artist of the modern world.

Begin to create your own personal inventory and review it twice - this is a unique present purchase option for the occidental collectors! Scriver was a Montana sculptor who was borne in 1914 in the Blackfoot Reservation. In 1946 he began sculpture and specialised in westerly themes. In 1967 he was accepted into the Cowboy Artists of America and during his long carrier he produced over 1000 statues.

Clever at catching the mind and substance of rocko, he was also recognised for his classical Blackfoot Indian sculpture. The Schwarzfuß honoured the scriptwriter with the Little Dog Thunder Medicine Pipe in 1969 in acknowledgement of their esteem. Most of his sculpture can be found in museums and historical societies throughout the state.


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