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We at Equipet are committed to delivering only the best in cavalry so that your horse is willing to give its best. Horse gear ranges from bit to breastplate, so whether you're preparing for competition or just for pleasure, you'll be perfectly outfitted.

Saturators are probably the most important part of the horse equipment, since they are a sit for the Reiter. Although different types of calipers are used for different purposes, such as race and side calipers, they all have one thing in common: they must be convenient for horse and rider. However, they must be suitable for both horse and riding. In the best case, an awkward nut can cause you a rather painful lower half and in the worse case it can cause pains over the horse's back and possibly injury to both members.

Climbing irons are another important element that gives the horse a stable ride. At present, they have introduced clearances and security procedures so that even when a horse is bucking, they open when a horse is tossed backwards. The hat, not to be mistaken for the hat, is mainly used to give your horse what you want.

This includes bridle and halter. A further part of the horse used for communication with the horse is the rein, which is normally fastened to the rein. There is a major distinction between bridle and bridle in that bridle is used to drive a horse, while bridle is used for horse back-riding and driving. Horse rein is the best recognizable part of the turning point after the saddle and is used by the rider to guide or stop the horse.

Simply dragging the rein to alter the horse's orientation would be a pain if the teeth were not fixed to the horse's throat.

Horse & Riding

No matter if it's the passion for competitions or a comfortable drive through our natural paths, the story, connected with a long heritage of champion horses brought up, breeded and crushed in Ocala/Marion County, makes it a real way out of equestrianism. Ocala/Marion County was formally proclaimed "Horse Capital of the World?" in 2007, demonstrating the County's unparalleled commitment to horse riding and its track records in the production of some of the sport's best champion horses.

Ocala/Marion County is home to more horse than anywhere else in the land with a nice, temperate year round environment and ground abundant in calcareous rock calcareous for strengthbone. He was a legend in the United States National Museum of Racing and the Hall of Fame, and his motor sport achievements triggered a booming Floridian horse world.

Ever since, some of the triumphs of the past have been traced back to their days in Ocala/Marion County. Indeed, the last two Crowners, one of the highest tributes and achievements for thoroughbred, have links to Ocala/Marion County American Pharoah, who was educated here, and Affirmmed was conceived, raised and educated in the county.

In addition to the production of some of the largest motorsport brands, Ocala/Marion County is also home to domestic and foreign horse riding shows and contests, such as the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit, Live Oak and Ocala Breeders' Sale. Our region is full of riding legend, from famous thoroughbred and show jumping horse to driver, hunter and show horse.

Horse lovers will be able to see the greatest sporting stars at first hand at many horse ranches, with guides through their possessions, often inhabited by internationally renowned stars and legend who are in the process of being created. See a goal full of competitive experiences and discover the home of champion horses on a horse riding trip in Ocala/Marion County, the world's horse capital.

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