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Wholesale Horse Supplements

Cats - Dogs - Beekeeping - Bird - Cattle - Fencing - House, Lawn & Garden - Horse - Human - Other Pets - Poultry - Rabbit - Sheep & Goat - Pig - Wildlife. Hufpfpflegezusätze - Details - Equine America Buteless Liquid High Strength - Mobility Supplements. In Germany, Teun began as a sales representative for a Dutch wholesaler.

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Our clients include animal hospitality and supplements stores and several on-line retailers. We can supply you with low wholesale prices for any kind of animal supplements or Vitamines you need. Whether you are placing large wholesale orders or just need a few small crates, we can meet your needs.

We also offer our retailers and wholesalers a further level of services in the form of personalised labelling. With our privately label program, new and existing clients can design and market their own range of nutritional supplements and pets in liquids and vitamin products. We' ll do everything we can to help you, even with the free graphical design of the tags you will use on your cats, dogs and horse supplements cans.

You are invited to try our great pets fluid supplements and meet our helpful and effective support people.

Who we are

Many years later as bridegroom for several drivers Teun van Riel decides that he wanted something else. In Germany Teun began as a commercial agent for a Netherlands wholesaler. In the process he misses the ponies, the contacts to the horsemen and the contests. Asked to begin the sale of the Belgium label Cavalor, he immediately took up this invitation and began to visit stable buildings.

In the meantime, his sibling Bas van Riel has entered the firm and the range of goods has been extended. We have eventrucks driving through Europe to be presented on (international) horse shows. Both the offices and storage are located in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands. Professionals know our vending machines because they find a broad range of high-quality produce, good consultation and of course a delicious tea!

In addition to our retailing operations, Teun and Bas founded a wholesale enterprise named Equine Industry B.V. Here we sell the brand names Cavalor, Kingsland, TRUST Equestrian, Dy'on, KEP Italia, EGO7 and Tech Stirrups for several European and non-European states. The TRUST Equestrian is our own brand where we manufacture our own products.

In Oisterwijk, TRUST produces the bit as well.

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