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Buy online in Canada for your equestrian tack and accessories for trusted brands of Professional Choice, Justin Brands Cowboy Boots and Omega Health. Canada's online equestrian shop For all 4x5 round balls we suggest this bale feeder, as it is suitable for many variants of the 4x5 bale from 15-16 feet in girth. Made from high grade 1.5" net fabric, these easy and original net pockets are made of high grade net. Sturdy cases have a 30-day manufacturer's warranty on the hand-sewn stitching and ropes.

"I said, "Slowly feed meadows the way nature does." Nourishing naturally reduced the chance of growth. The low mount imitates the normal pasture posture and help reducing trucks such as tingling, looms and paws. Closes flush to the walls and uses a net with 2" openings for the horse's security.

Their Cowboy boot, your Cowboy hat or your buckle is like your visiting map.

Surrey, BC, CANADA - A very intimate shopkeeper to everyone in the horsehair class and a Langley darling in neighbouring Cloverdale is turning 50 this year.

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Tremendously pretty as well as very delicate. Living dedicated to the horse requires dedication and dedication, the right information and a great deal of expertise. This unbelievable relation between humans and humans goes back millennia in time.

Everything a horse does for you, make sure you take proper charge of them, with the best horse, nutritional supplement, vitamin and nutrients available only at We are unbeatable when it comes to high-quality horse additions, food, vitamins and accessories. Headquartered in southern Ontario, we provide a wide range at an accessible rate, with quick delivery and outstanding after sales support.

We are well-known specialists in horse spa care and accessories and are appreciated by some of the best and most professionally trained equestrians in the world. We are here to keep your horse and dog lovers in good health!

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