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Equine accessories direct

Horses accessories direct The scissors can be used for cutting ponies, hounds and cat. 06/08/08/08/08 - Horse Supplies Direct provides sale and marketing of a wide variety of horse grooming supplies, which includes horse worms, first line repair kit, horse blankets, vaccine, bridle, boot lifter, boots knife, feeding bucket and worms test pack. Equine accessories direct evaluations I' ve sent three e-mails. I' ve phoned twice and I' ve just dropped out of the office because they won't pick up. After I have not recieved my order, they are not answering e-mails or SMS, and the telephone always goes to the answering device.

There is no response to e-mails. Recording on the telephone. I' ve been trying to get in touch with her for six month without a break.

Took me four to four months to receive my order. Don't buy from this vendor !!!!!!!!! Still haven't got my order of $250 for 1 item, totally no mail with lots of telephone and email. So, I'm sorry for those of you who haven't actually gotten anything:( The angry part is that I contacted them when I called them last night and I was told to call them back the same afternoon and still got nothing.

My cardholder was charged the next morning. Not delivered, not reachable by telephone or e-mail after many trials and outcomes. Not responding to my e-mails and then a weekend later my plastic cards were struck with a bunch of $3500 scam deal. Cancellation of my membership key, opening a disputation for all scams and I also opened a case to get my order back because the articles never showed up!

At the very least, I wish they had the sense to respond to my e-mail or telephone so I could know what was going on with my article, or just pay back my order if they can't get it. The goods didn't arrive and I tried to get in touch with them by telephone and e-mail and it was disappointing, to say the least.

There is no answer to my e-mails and the telephone has a registered mail that can be recalled at certain times. You will also receive the same notification if you call within the agreed timeframe. Like others said, I ordered goods, they did not arrive, I tried to get in touch with them by telephone and e-mail, no answer.

  • No delivery, there is no charge, no communication. I' ve got a verification e-mail and I'm still awaiting my order. I' ve tried to call her and it's a recording of what I've done in certain time. There' s still a taped transmission. I' ve sent 3 e-mails and nothing!!!!

They are still advertised as the largest on-line upholstery shop yet not supplying anyone. I waited 4 wares for the goods and I talked to a woman who said she was expecting supplies. I had to buy the supplies elsewhere. A number of telephone conversations only resulted in a continuous voicemail with the request "Callback, we are on another call" - no understaffing.

Multiple e-mails sent without response. Came out threatening to declare them to Fair Trade. Their website recently had a note saying that they had relocated stores and had telephone and e-mail issues. On the next morning I received one of my goods with the news that the second article was in arrears.

It is annoying that they were able to process my order within 3 workingdays, but could not supply my order. They didcked the camera on the same date. E-mails don't work and I have phoned them almost 20 different occasions during different office working periods to get an automatic callback.

I received my fourth e-mail this mornings to another e-mail to request a reimbursement. That has been notified to the ASC, the Fair Trade and Fraud Investigation Department..... that's all I can do. Don't pick up the telephone, e-mail is not sent and your page on your site is blocked. This is a message to others......

Why do they still have an open platform for on-line trade? I applied for a reimbursement after 4 week and was asked to give my credit cardholder number. - You did not ship the item and never sent my e-mails back.

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