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Equestrian wear & leg protection. Made-to-measure horse tack and clothing. Stable accessories, horse care products, vitamins, food supplements, equipment and riding clothes for thoroughbred and horse enthusiasts. All I have to say is Denise knows her saddles and horses and is a great person.


For our customers we order shadbelles the same way we order individual socks. It' an exciting time when a client orders his shadow belly, either show riders or show riders, crossing the thresholds of achievement to the shadow belly one. Most of us are striving for objectives within a single seasons - the first training in training or galloping around the first cross-country skiing for beginners.

The Pikeur shadbellys in classical woollen (navy or black) are available in 4-6 months. The Pikeur Soft Shell Shadbellys are made to order and last 8-12 s. All of Asmar Schadbelly available in one sunday. Individual boot from Vogel, Dehner or Koenig. Customer-specific stump shoes. While your equestrian hardhat is important for protecting your mind and reducing the risk of injuries, did you know that your hardhat is only ONE time intended to cushion shocks?

However, once the fabric has crumbled after a first crash, it provides little to no extra shock shelter. For this reason it is important that the visors are changed even after an apparently low accident.

Your headgear may be harmed even if it falls onto a tough, unyielding area. Indeed, the life span of a crash-free crash protection is about 5 years, after which the absorbent materials deteriorate. Also, the security of the shell is increased by the right fitting.

Do you have problems finding the right fitting for your horse with a heel? There are two firms we work with to customize your scale.

Jersey-tock & Apple.

For over 25 years, Neighbours has focused on the horse industry. It is our aim to support you in your efforts to keep your horse and pony lucky, fit and beautiful! Here you will find everything from horse food to horse healthcare items, tacks for all sports, covers and rain protection as well as equestrian equipment for yourself!

The full product portfolio of the world' s largest horse manufacturers offers you everything you need to keep your horse and pony in good condition. Click here for information about our horse feeds. Here you will find everything from British and West clothes, horse clothing and equestrian clothing to care and horse-related presents.

In addition a complete assortment of English, westerns & dressage jumpers. ga('create', 'UA-64243103-1', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview');

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