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The Horse Tack Company, New Holland, PA. Newest tweets from Horse Tack Company (@HorseTackCo). Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reports about Original Horse Tack Company in New Oxford, PA.

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C&H and Tack Co. Saddles, harnesses and belt pads Lancaster PA

We offer tableware, tablecloths and tableware to our clients in and around Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The saddle store provides only the best quality saddle material to guarantee you both superior workmanship and a saddle that will last for years.

Although the calipers are kept in perfect working order, they sometimes need to be fixed or returned to their initial state. When you need a seat restore, take it to A&H Harness and Tack Company in Lancaster PA. While we offer all types of horse service, horseback riding is by far one of the most important.

You should buy a seat, girth or girth from A&H Tack and Tarness Company. You and your horse won't be upset. Order our prodcuts in our on-line webshop or call (717) 445-4050 to place your order today! Located in the heartland of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, A&H is committed to providing you with the highest standards in tableware and trolley processing, as well as superior levels of client care and comunication.

You are welcome to order your seat, your seat or your seatline. There is a wide range of tableware from A&H Huarness, from luxury shows to amusement tableware. All our calipers are made to be convenient for you and your horse. Have a look at our range of calipers. Belt cushions are a must for every rider.

Have a look at our range of non-woven and therapeutical mats.

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