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Please bring your gently used horse equipment with you today. Softly used horse clothing & boots. Softly used Tack & Equipment.

Galloping is the leading saddle and horse accessories consignment store in North Virginia. The Maryland Tack Exchange now accepts shipments and buys saddles directly from customers.

Delivery - Maryland Tack Exchange

The Maryland Tack Exchange now accepts shipments and buys calipers directly from the customer. In contrast to most of the other Saddleshops we are always looking for high value products directly from the customer. If we buy a complete seat, we will adjust our prices according to what the actual brand, style, age and state of the seat is, and then subtract 25%, but once your seat has arrived, you will be charged 25%.

It is a good choice for those of you who need the cash in advance to buy another seat (we do NOT ask you to buy another seat from us as a kind of trade-in). A quotation will be made on the basis of the images you provide and we will reward that quotation unless defects are not revealed before the date of shipment.

As soon as we have received the seat, we inspect it well and on the same date trim a cheque for you, put it in the post and the transaction is done. ATTENTION: Unlike our calipers, we only buy complete adhesive supplies, we do not supply them. 20% will be charged for shipping your seat, but we will pay all clean up, website and credential charges from this comission.

When you have bought a certain type of seat from us and now want to sell it again, we will only bill you 18%. When your seat goes on test, you will get a politeness e-mail, because if it is sold during the test period, you can count on the higher sales prices than the definitive sales time.

As soon as your seat is for sale, you will immediately get a cheque informing you that your seat has actually been purchased. Normally, shipping your seat will earn you between $150 and $300 more than if you sell it directly to us because we bill you 5% less. Shipment is an advantage, but you will not be charged until your seat has shipped, as opposed to full purchasing, where you will get your money immediately upon receipt of your seat.

WITH EFFECT TO 20.10.16, ANY SEAT THAT IS SENT TO US ON CONSIGNMENT AND THEN RECLAIMED BY THE OWNER WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $75 FEE AND A $69.95 FLAT RATE DELIVERY CHARGE TO THE OWNER. THAT IS WHY WE CAN BE OUR COSTS FOR THE ADVERTISEMENT/INSURANCE OF YOUR BIKE AS LONG AS IT IS IN OUR OWNERSHIP. Should you be interested in sending your seat with us, please fill in the following order blank, enclose images and select the "Shipping" item.

Once your job description has been checked, we will inform you about the prices for your seat. When your seat is approved, you will receive shipment directions and information to attach in the kit with your seat.

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