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Horseshows are taking the right course for business.

Chilliocthe - A selection of calipers, bridle and catboys assisted the Westerns on Sunday's Westerns on West Avenue, when the Ross Country 4-H Horse Committee held its yearly tack swap and auction at the Ross Country Service Center. In the two biggest rooms of the district hall, which are usually used for conferences and workshops, there were about 20 salesmen selling their goods - mainly horse accessories and westerns for 4-H members, some of whom are just getting into the saddle when it comes to showing them.

Tack-swaps offer homes an inexpensive introduction to an expansive pastime, Oates said. Mount Sterling's Allie Pitt still shows quarters, but at 25 she is seven years away from her own 4-H expertise. She had a Sunday full of shoes and westerns, which she sold at sensible rates.

Revenue from the show, which also accounted for 10 per cent of Henderson's Western Store sale, will go to hospitals and schools to help them get better by introducing 4-H members to horse shows. Equestrian Committee also pay for the tapes and take care of the horse equipment at Ross County Fairgrounds.

The first 9-year-old 4-H member, Katherine McCallum, who got her first horse in June of this year, visited the show with her mom Kristine, who scored a set of rainy horse-boot, British ridingboots, a cowboy cap and a show westfit.

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