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Our catalogue is now packed with girths, accessories and equipment for horse lovers of all disciplines. {\pos(192,210)}Central Saddle & Tack Mission. At Central Saddle & Tack we are dedicated to the success of our dealers who offer their customers horse equipment and accessories.

Our company offers a wide range of high-quality equipment and accessories for horses, which are offered at reasonable prices. Only Wholesale - Tack Dealer Requirements.

GroƟhandelsinformationen - Weaving mill leather horse

Thanks for your interest in opening a Weaver-Leather Tack bankroll. Our rigorous sales policies for our Nylons and Leathers are based on skilled, industry-specific retail and marketing partners. Thorough selection and recruitment procedures give us and our distributors the assurance that we are a wholesaler offering only qualifying distributors.

Reseller has a VAT ID number. Merchant's got a shop. It is not run out of a house, garages, cellars or sheds. This is an independent permanent place. Merchant has its own telephone line for the shop. Merchants must have periodical shop fittings, a shopign, a till and/or objects necessary for running a company.

Merchants submit images of their stores inside and out, as well as an application form for a new Tack account. Reseller places a $2,000.00 or higher order for Weaver product (excluding shipping). Reseller orders at least $1,000 of Weaver product each year. To make sure that a prospective distributor has a branch, we consult with our local distributor to check the legality of the company.

In order to accelerate this procedure, we invite retailers to provide photographs of their stores. In order to handle a retailer request we need photographs of signs inside and outside the shop. The photographs should also show the counters and presentations of products from the entire shop.

Become a dealer with kordage

When you become a retailer, you get full connectivity to every line of our branded goods. Furthermore, we bring our clients home with our nationwide advertisements and our new retailer search. You will also win the confidence of your clients as you can provide them with a wide range of high value items at an accessible cost.

With our qualified employees at your disposal, you have all your queries and your racks filled with bestsellers. Subscribe to our retailer newsletters to be the first to hear about new product releases, local publicity and great promotional offers. Begin with the growth of your company!

You may be entitled to run our line if you own a farming and ranching shop, tag and/or other related shop or are a keen salesperson! Completing an order does not constitute a guaranty of a wholesaler trading escrow agreement. If you have a physical shop (public place) where you currently resell your goods, click here.

A copy of your commercial licence must be enclosed. If you are looking for a semi-trailer, a home office company or are planning to resell products in another way, click here.

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