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Rod's offers the largest selection of Western and English equipment for horse and rider. Second-hand booklet, strap and supply displays. You will find used bridles, clothing, saddles, bits and other horse accessories. It is also free of charge to register every used turn with us. Yes, new but really cheap horse tack and riding clothes.

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Raising in Ohio's Amian countryside around and on horseback has allowed us to gain a deep insight into the world of horse and man. It is our fascination to help you find the right product for your horse, regardless of its degree of use. All we do is to improve the equestrian pleasure for horse and horseback.

Our belief is that the horse's neck should be practical, long-lasting, safe and attractive. Our horses are individually designed for you and your horse. The tack is tailor-made for you and your horse's comforts; all our creases are directed away from the horse. Hold your horse comfortably with our custom-made products. So whether you're on track or on the track, American Gear has everything you need.

It is our aim to offer you comfortable and long-lasting equestrian gear. That'?ll hold. At Pioneer we offer a tailor-made cardio program and are the favourite selection of cardio athletes and crews in many nationalities. The Pioneer endureurance company makes gear for endure, le trec and trailer-racing. Emelyne, an expert horsewoman, is responsible for the bridle and rein design.

It designs equestrian styles that suit the horse's horse and at the same time meet the technological requirements of horseiding. Our products include high-quality fences, halter, rein, chest collar and stirrup for amateur, perseverance and trails. With Bioteq Horse Tack Equipments, our customers also took part in the World Long Distance Championships.

Working in close collaboration with customers and equine education professionals, we have created a range of great equine education tools that bring together all the talent and expertise of our seasoned group. Hippotherapist Saskia Rohn and Tina Meier, horse coach since 2010, know all the prerequisites for making an excellent horserider.

Each of our unique pieces are handcrafted according to the requirements of our clients. Threads used in our machines are highly resistant and are stitched with a free-arm seamer. This means that each part, for example a side pull, can be shaped in an anatomical way without having to be adapted to the horse.

They have been gathering produce since 2000 that makes it possible to do top-class sports or to stroll through the woods on horseback.

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