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New and used saddles are available and we specialize in helping our customers choose the right saddle for their riding discipline and budget. BUY ONLINE, PICK IT UP IN THE SHOP. Many thanks and we hope to see you soon in our online shop or in our shop in Seaford, DE. Le plus grand magasin de sellerie équestre du sud-ouest de la Virginie. Provides a wide range of stock and online items.

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Pictures are from the precise nut (no stick photos). Buchstäblich Brand New & Never Used Marcel Toulouse Platinum Doggy Platinum Dog Elephant Sienna A/P, 17" Width, but must run small and is more like a 16.5" horse (fits the same horse that uses a media Collegiate and Pessoa and matches the same horse that is riding in a 16.5" Collegiate and Pessoa).

Sitting in a smoke-free, temperature and moisture sensitive area with the inventory covered by the producer. When I would give it to a saddlery on commission, they would put it back on the ground to be sold as a brandnew storage trailer made directly by the producer. - A low fit and longer tailgate are perfect for a multitude of multidisciplinary rides.

  • Wide-further, beautifully upholstered fit is perfect for long riding lessons. - Mild but tough dual skin that provides just the right amount of feel. - handmade from high grade vegetable oil-tanned, pigmentated and aniline-finished leathers. - Thicker, all-natural cow hide that lives and roams around in nature.
  • Compareable with a Stubben-Siegfried-Sattel. Just seat and cover.

Mary's Saddle and Tack, mom and kid Hillsboro shop, in business.

However, Mary Sonnaband followed her children's guidance when she began Mary's Saddle and Tack 24 years ago. Sonnaband, 74, was not the little child who asked Santa for a bangs, but her three girls. Throughout the years the women had seven ponies and wore their mother's shirt, trousers and lederhosen.

"When my children were out there showing their ponies, they looked at their clothing and said: Oh, where did you get that? "said Sonnaband, who worked for the Beaverton Bakery and Portland State University Costumes Group. It began to sell tailor-made clothing for other competition, paying part of the cost for the care and presentation of the horse.

At the end of the 80s Sonnaband opened a small business in Aloha, where she also sells calipers. Following its transformation into a fully-fledged tack and consignation apparel business, the business relocated to Hillsboro in the early 2000s. Mary's Saddle and Tack took its final step in January by erecting only two showcases just two blocks due west of her former Tualatin Valley Highway camp.

Sonaband decided on a more open and bigger room, although it is actually 500 sqm smaller. "She is now running the shop with her 53-year-old Debbie Popov. "I' ve become whatever this is," gesticulating at the shop. Mary from most other shops is distinguished by the large consignation department, which is equipped with a mixture of British and West horsewear.

Coincidental pieces of jewelry are added to the stock, among them coloured holsters, horse figures, handmade chest collar in a display case and pockets with Pony Oaties horse treats near the cradle. The first time Mary's Saddle and Tack opened, Sonnaband fought to dress as a supplier, she said, because bigger saddle shops outshone her.

Since then, the store has shrunk to less than 10 in Washington County. Though Mary has about 1,000 repeat clients, the store has declined significantly in recent years as more and more clients go online for their horses. "It' a different deal now," Sonnaband said. Mary`s has no website, although Sonnaband is trying to find someone to do one.

Beyond the company, Mary's Saddle and Tack has worked with the 4-H Club and the non-profit Bear Training Centre, which provides therapeutical equitation for the veteran and disabled child. Herinckx, who owns the bank barn where the non-profit association is located, visited Sonnaband in the end of the 1990s when her grandchild came to the centre.

He said that Sonnaband sponsored clothing, calipers and bristles and also sold other articles that were needed by Beats for the programme at high rebates. Sonnaband and her girls don't have a horse.

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