Horse Tack Haul

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Saw the tacks going over YouTube? You can also "pull" your horses on a trailer behind the car. Create a community with some of the best tack haul videos on the Internet. follow us on Twitter for TACK HAUL FOR OUR NEW HORSE: Now High Plains Cattle Supply also offers the delivery of horse harness in Northeast Colorado. tack haul Archives -

I' ve just posted a tape of my last tack hol! These articles are either from Amazon or So I saved some additions for my older horse Bamboozal, some turning and care products and some clicking trainings and strengthening products that I'm VERY into!

This is for my older horse. I am really enthusiastic about the Majesty's Flex Wafers, because Bamboozal is very choosy. I have also purchased a new bathtub with brewer's brewer's brewer's yeast in this turning train. When you have a horse with occasional running chairs, you should try this inexpensive addition!

I' ve got a lot of cleaning utensils in this truck too. I' ve always used one of those old fashioned rigid metal tackboxes, but I've recently got one of those tack karts on bikes, and there' s not much room.

There is a place to put bridle and bristles, but the crate just took up too much space, and then I have to split it with my man.... So I ordered one of these saddlebags for each of us. Keep checking back for forthcoming blog posts and video to review most of these articles and take a look around my new wheeled saddle truck!

This Tack-Haul also contains some deliveries for amplification workout and climber-workout. And I wanted to make sure I always had a clipper when I needed it. You came with small wristbands so you can carry them or attach them to your reversible pocket or treatment post.

You may need to get in and out 20, 30, 40 or MORE sessions during the clicking course. It is actually intended for trainings, so it also has some extra pockets and was delivered with three wheels of excrement pack! That' probably the thing I'm most happy about in this tack-haul, so hold on for the full check!

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