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Jewellery Horse Tack

Buy our selection of riding jewellery. Nice horseshoe, snaffle bit, stirrup earrings, rings and horse bracelets. Asymmetrical horseshoe rosary necklace and earring set.

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tack, the sexless jewelry label that combines riding style and curtsy.

Their minds could probably go in many odd ways, but probably none is as delicious as Tack. Charlotte Chanler's sexless jewellery and accessory line is an unorthodox fusion of the previous achievements of the young Los Angeleno: a horseman, a BFA graduate, a delicate jeweller. Charlotte's most recent profession is an architectural one that strengthens the ornamentation for persons of all ancestry.

Whereas the discourses of recent years have effectively torn up the set of regulations on sex, Tack is inspired by places where there were never any rules: like in an Renaissance paintings that question our inflexible perceptions of the real world, or a barn full of animal life that only deals with emotions. Tack's first jewellery line features lavish horsehair linen, bracelets, rings and necklaces, as well as a range of finer pierced ears and nameplates that make use of the artist's subtle jewellery backdrop in a fun way.

She has also gone into undergarments with a series of 100% silks undergarments - also sexless - with naughty serpents, TVs, sorrowful buffoons and take-out box. "Perhaps what's under my panties is the face of a sorrowful buffoon or a drooping lantern," she says, hinting that our ideas of sex may only be verbal.

We' ll discuss with Charlotte why old pictures are treacherously fashionable and why jewellery is omitted from the gender-neutral discussion. You' worked in the jewelry trade in New York for a while. To work in this line of work was like a crashed course at the Executive College - that is definitely an enjoyable and rewarding time.

In the course of my career I have managed the wholesaling division, worked as a bank jeweller in the gym and managed the repair and return division, so that I really got a comprehensive insight into the different aspects of the sector. Like any other business, of course, it has its weaknesses.

Sexless fashions have been a subject of discussion for years. In your opinion, why did it take so long for a similar dialog to open up around jewellery? Unfortunately, I think that jewellery has been classified in modern society as something that is almost entirely sold to mothers. When the jewellery and clothing industry feels empty or uninspirational, I think of the squid.

I' ve been horsewalking for 10 years, so I find that really interesting, especially how the line comes nearer to what a horse would be wearing than what its owner would be wearing. Name Tack comes from horse neck, that is the gear you use, fences, tacks, bits etc. which is the same regardless of the horse's sex.

I' ve been horsewhipping all my entire career, but in high schools I became really into it. I' d take off from college for month to go to where the show track was and be taught in a movie as well as go to the carnival. I' m not so interested in the race anymore, and I'm so glad that I'm only with them.

A horse is a better teacher than most humans. Do you find certain epochs and artist of particular interest and why do they make appropriate testimonials for Tack? To put it briefly, when I think specifically about what Tack did, the classical Renaissance oils come to my head. There is such an astonishing range of styles in contemporary arts, and often portrayed in a way that is far removed from the sex specificities that our contemporary cultures so often demand.

It is so sincere and unreal before surfrealism prevailed as an artistic discipline for itself - it reminded me that the way we see the real world at some point in mankind' s past is an ever-changing and developing prospect. What did you do to make them sexless?

" It is a collection of pictures in which there are painting rooms, for example a horse, and under the horse stands "the door". "We only see one horse and say horse because that is what we are trained to do when we are young. I think that is directly correlated with the way we see sex and our own body.

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