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The readers of Horse&Rider are looking for new ways and products to improve their lifestyle. Jennalinn Show Horses. Jethro's horseshoe. The Morgan Horses and Tack For Sale is for a group of purebred Morgan Horses.

The EcoVet is a groundbreaking, secure flyscreen for horses.

The EcoVet is a groundbreaking, secure flyscreen for horse riding. Ecovet is a spatially effective means of preventing the landings of bugs (including midges, fly, tick and non-sighted) on the horse in a secure and effective manner. Unless bugs end up on a horse, they don't take a poke at the horse. If you need good accommodation for your horse, you can rely on Capitol Sheds to build the right structure for your horse.

They can help a needy horse by taking part in one of the fund-raising events organised by RIHR - they are currently offering ticket sales for the April 8 "Save A Horse, Key Some Bourbon" party. Horse Barn Tack Shop makes giving Christmas presents easy! 8. December 2016|Comments on the Horse Stable Tack Shop Make Giving Christmas Gifts Softer!

Horse Barn Tack Shop in Falmouth, VA has all your Christmas gifts, inclusive of 10% Off Dublin Winter Wear in December.

Hints for horse neck cleansing Your horse magazine

For thorough cleaning, take your zipper apart and check that there are no tears in the fabric and that all your seams are safe, especially around the cheeks, reins, webbing, strap bands and circumference itself. Next, put a shot of detergent in a tub of warm running tap or use a shoe polish and a torn out foam or towel to wipe off your zipper from dust and fat.

When cleaning each item, put it aside to allow it to drip. Even though it is good to remove the teeth after each use, a maceration in warm tap and a good peeling afterwards will get rid of every dirt. The application of Neatsfoot Oils for the care of new leathers is very important, as is the re-oiling of the zipper if necessary, perhaps once a months in bad wheather.

Or you can use creme or make a suit of your own. They can be applied to and soaked in neat, dried leathers. At the end you mount your Tack again and finish polishing it. When you find something that needs to be re-stitched or replaced, get on it immediately, and if you keep stickiness, put it in an old cushion cover and ventilate it well to prevent mold.

Check and rinse all adhesive in storage before use.

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