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The Carr & Day & Martin - Cashel Company - Champion Brush - Charles Owens - Chaseburg Manufacturing - Selection of Champions - Christine Alexander. Most of them are produced by all the leading manufacturers of harnesses. We have Bridles &

Reins as an online target for horse nails. We' re only wholesalers selling to traders with tack and horse shops.

On products and suppliers:

On our customers and suppliers: Approximately 41% of them are other horse produce, 18% are saddle and 8% are halter. There are a multitude of possibilities at your disposal, e.g. free sample, purchased sample. We have 3,116 horse accessories providers, mainly in Asia. India, China (mainland) and Pakistan are the main supplier of equine equipment, accounting for 65%, 28% and 4% respectively.

In Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Southern Europe, horse tack is the most common one. Guarantee your security by choosing from accredited vendors, 401 with others, 353 with ISO9001 and 7 with ISO 13485-certifications.

Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of Bes - Bridles & Reins.

Jumpers, stirrup, bridles, halter, rein, bits, harness, martingale and breast plates are all types of harness used in the horse riding world. Most of them are produced by all the major manufacturers of horse harness. BRIDLS & RINS is an on-line horse nail destinations. It is our aim to offer the best range of top of the range riders at the best possible prices.

Our goal is to help our clients find the best horse care products for their horse. As with all other competitors in the sector, our products are produced under stringent production unit conditions. Besides the trademark Royale we currently have two other trademarks. These are rangers and racers, the ranges of British cowhide and respectively American cowhide.

Just like the Royal label, they are also very much loved by the customers of their arenas.

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