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Equip your horse with our first-class selection of saddles, bridles, other leather goods and horse boots. The English riding equipment is the equipment used on the horse for English riding. Are you looking for the right English equipment for your horse? The Matchy Tack sets include holster, saddlecloth, bonnet, bandages and boots. Are you looking for the right horse equipment?

in the Royal English Tack Set:

href="/horse-tack/matching-tack-sets/abetta-nylon-3-pc-package-with-girth" id="ctl00_mainContent_productBrowser_productListView_ctrl2_ctl00_nameLink">Abetta Nylon 3-teilig Paket mit GirthAbetta Nylon 3-teilig Paket mit GirthA

3-piece Abetta saddle harness pack - 3-piece Abetta saddle harness pack - With everything you need for horse backpacking! 5/8 " modified slit hem, 2 " broad twin chest neck with a 32 " slit waist and padded liner. 3-piece set of polyamide Pack with pad from Abetta - 5/8", 1000 deniers Nylons Hem with nylons fabric center, ring tense, rein and kerb loop.

"2 "2" large dual chest neck with padded cushion and 32" x 30" cushion. 1000 deniers Aire Grip Insulated Nylons Pads with AcuLetha leather. Included in the delivery are cushion, headband fringes with ring snaffles and animal collars. Santa Horze Kit, consisting of Horze Santa Helmet Cap, Santa Horze Holder, Santa Horze Hat and 4 Santa Horze Leg Wraps.

Coordinating the right look for your horse. The Cordura Pad Styles, headpiece, chest collars and rein. Manufactured from delicate bridled leathers with carved Inca-Arm.

Classic English Tack and accessoires

Presentation of the new Spring Creek Stable. With its new look, the Classic Cruiser is a child's play car, full of amazing luxurious extras for endless play! That pretty 6" dummy comes clothed to look stunning in her English horse-wear! The scope of delivery includes an English horse harness, bridles and pelmet to go with a Classic horse.

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To change the shape of your Vintec nut over the withers of your horse, replace the oesophagus in the top of the nut. All you need is the right esophagus, a screw driver and a few extra seconds to adjust your nut. Upholstered Saddlebag. Grey, dark edge, nice qualitiy.

Full-length zipper and carrying grip in full length of the bag. Turquoiseblue, monochrome and whitest Navajo pattern with cream-coloured, smooth non-woven fabric on the underside and real calfskin patch. Cushioned saddle bag. Marineblue, dark trimming, nice qualitiy. Full-length zipper and carrying grip in full length of the bag. Saddlesoap for cleaning and care of leathers. The scent of lemonella is beautiful, with a fluffy, velvety, creamy, gellike texture that contains additional fat to care for the skin.

The VidaXL black pony chest plate is Martingal adjustable in stretch nappa leathers. Made of high grade black suede skin, the breast of the Martinga has iron mountings that give it a classical look. It minimizes the limitation on your horse's shoulder, but makes sure that your horse's seat is stabilized correctly. Pony VidaXL Pony Set 10" Black. Stirrups Socks / Covers - The ideal way to keep your saddles in pristine state!

Now available in a durable microfleece in 8 of your favourite colors! As with all Oakwood ranges, it also mixes pure foot care and lanoline in combination with other delicate skin care fluids.

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