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Find your horse treasures at Rainbow's End! Rainbow's End Tack Store The following are the opening hours: but by arrangement. Beginners, trail riders, riders, stables, horse trainers or show riders, we have something for you! WORLD & USED English & Western Tacks, saddles, bedding, stable accessories, showwear, boots, bits & books.

The widest range of horse styles & accessories with virtually 100's of current & discontinued Breyers, Model Tack, Peter Stone styles & Hagen Renaker China miniatures in our inventory. Get back in soon for all your horse treasures at the end of the rainbow! Buy online or in our online storefront.

They are our speciality!

We' ll help you find the right horse for you and your horse. It' one of my favourite saddlery shops. You have a beautiful choice of new and shipped articles. It' s great that I can take my equine objects somewhere to make some extra cash for more shopping! So Kelly B. Hands over the BEST place for horseplay!

You know me by name and have made horse backpacking a cheaper game. Subscribers get a newsletter and e-mails with the latest hints, moves and sells.

Online store for your British gear and accessories.

Weathervane Tack strives to provide the best horsewear, gear and accessories at the best possible price. If you are a beginner or a lifelong rider, you will appreciate the value and value of our horse care and service. All of our competent and skilled personnel are well acquainted with certain races, horse rides, rider dates, rider guidelines and instructions.

They' ll take the necessary amount of your timeframe to help you choose the right gear for maximum convenience, power and security. Weathervane Tack ensures you get the best value for your while. There is a wide range of many brands to suit your styles and budgets.

Here you will find a complete range of high class equestrian wear and gear, British upholstery, saddles, horsewear, care and accessories, horse healthcare items, food and medicine, stables accessories, mosquito repellent items, presents, books and more. Serving Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and clients in the USA, Weathervane Tack carries all important equestrian and show-needs.

Our employees are a precious source for horse lovers who are looking for frequently asked question or who are looking for a lot when shopping in our online catalogue, be it training, show jumping or events.

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