Horse Tack Stores

The Horse Tack Stores

We are known for our wide range of equestrian clothing and equipment. Salesman of English and Western horses, riding clothes and other products for horses. We' re a dedicated family of horse and animal lovers, just like you! The Red Earth Feed and Tack is here for you. Wellcome to Horse Tack Show.

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Equestrian, Tack Shop & Store

You can find it online, and its range includes high quality riding gear, including the latest Kingsland, Kingsland Dressage, Eskadron, Pikeur, Equiline, Horse Pilot collection, equipping from Samshield, Dainese, Sergio Grasso, Veredus, Prestige Italia, Busse, Equinatura, Acavallo, Heiniger, Mattes, TRM and feed for Royal Horse and more.

We offer various riding equipment such as saddle linings, dressings, crupper straps, lungeing straps, carpets (also fleeces and harnesses ), stapes, saddle straps, stapes (also made of plastic), bridle (also bite free, Hannoveraner, West, Mexican nose straps), halter, linen, bow caps, sniffers, dual-joint pieces. You can also buy diet supplements for the horse in the online web site.

Are you interested in horse feed, various additives (e.g. biotine, electrolyte, vitamins) or snack foods, you will certainly find something suitable in our range. Our sales include Royal Horse, Equinatura, Keralit and TRM. Also available are hoof, head and head grooming treatments that make it possible to keep them in good health and beauty.

In addition, you can buy maintenance equipment such as bristles (soft or hard) for hoofs, manes and horse heads, horse scrapers, ridges, curry comb etc.. Our range includes equestrian rider and horse equipment from the well-known Eskadron brands (including Eskadron Nici and Eskadron Next Generation collections).

The Eskadron Nici valance and Eskadron carpet and boot are one of the most appreciated of all. You can also buy branded horse exercisers that other online horse riding stores do not have on sale. You will also find security jackets from Equiline or Kingsland and the latest Equiline and Kingsland product ranges (incl. Charlotte Dujardin dressage).

The site has been created to make it easy and intuitively for our customers to browse and find the product they want. Our strengths are the highest possible level of technical expertise in combination with our highly qualified and experienced team. In our blogs you will find a lot of information about horse riding: Horse riding and vet advice, reports from horse shows and contests or useful information about outfitting.

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