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Blankets, tack, riding boots, clothes and everything important for Horse & Rider. Saddler' s shop & horse accessories: Reins, Bits, Bridles & more

Our range includes horse teeth, reigns, reins, numbers & saddle pads and more from awesome, renowned manufacturers. There are a wide range of riding equipment to ensure that your horse always looks and feels good. If you like what you see here, you might also be interested in our selection of horse equipment and horse food as well as our healthcare and care items.

Purchase from our saddler offer today and get free shipping on the UK continent from an order value of 75 (weight and locational limits apply).

Lifbys International for horse accessories and dog leashes

Libby's has been in the service of horse racing for over 25 years, whether it' s events, show jumps, riding or simply a general hoe, we have something for you. Have a look at Libby's product line and join our lucky horse team. Our UK made solutions can solve all your tack issues.

It is also possible to make a change for your horse, no difference how small or large it is.

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It is also ideal for the restoration of leathers after storing or after extended use in the outdoors. This is the conventional option to feed and rehydrate dry, rough leathers or to reduce new stickiness. Kerbl Multi-purpose saddle pad Laguna Full Brown 328645. Bridle Classic bridle brown Pony 324911.

kerbl multi-purpose saddle pad Firenze Pony Mocha 325413. Silverado 2. 0 Kerbl Bridle Full 325402. Bridle Kerbl Classic Black 326139. It is one of the few solution for stunted horse with withered.

Upholstery and bridles

Friction straps, calipers, bits, seat cushions, leaden cords, halter, lashes, riding shoes are only some of the absolute minimal stock. When your horse's form changes after gaining body mass or building muscles, it is important to inspect the seat of the horse's backgauge, as it may need to be changed. Seatbelts secure the seat to the horse and help to keep its place.

Saddles are used to minimize slippage of the seat when horse ridden and to keep the bottom of the seat neat. Saddles are often used to change the shape of a seat, but it may make sense to buy a new set of saddles if it does not yet match with one.

Available in a range of 9cm (3inches) to 15cm (6inches). Carpets should be a good match around your horse's shoulder and around his back. It is of the greatest importance that all your gear is kept safely and protected when you are not using it.

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