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Wholesaler for horseback wholesale

Contact your local retailer for information on purchase options. We welcome you to Roosevelt Sales LLC. ROSEVELT Sales, LLC is a Velcro wholesale company that serves and delivers to retailers, distributors, resellers as well as on-line retailers. There is a large range of first class tacks, gear and horse material available at competitive rates. Sales are made only to distributors and to shopkeepers for re-sale.

Welcome to new reseller enquiries and are available to help you increase your stock by adding new and extra items to your current stock.

NOTE: This website is a "COMPLETE RELATION" for saddle stores, distributors, resellers as well as on-line retailers. First class tack and consumables do not have to be costly. At Roosevelt Sales, LLC, we believe that top-notch adhesives and consumables should not be costing our esteemed clients a fortune. What's more, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service. Our stock is set up as a one-stop horse delivery and tack store at very competitively priced wholesale rates that are readily available to all our authorised distributors.

Take a look at our stock and you won't be dissapointed. Orders can be placed by our registrated shoppers through a comfortable on-line shop in our on-line shop where they can get hold of hundreds of products which include bed sheets/blankets, harnesses, cleaning materials, stable stock, holsters and tacks. ROSEVELT Sales, LLC offers: A competitive price-performance ratio for tens of millions of high value, low cost items from our over 20,000 sqm storage facility.

A comprehensive stock that provides top level services and product that allow you to tailor your stock to the needs of your shop or reseller. New to Roosevelt Sales, LLC, try us out and get 15% off your total initial order (minimum $500)!

Rummage on our website and check our products for price and price. As soon as your request has been accepted and your wholesale merchant level has been achieved, you will be sent an email informing you that you can begin purchasing and storing. Have fun on our website and become one of our esteemed wholesalers. The Roosevelt sales, LLC choice, product range and services are second to none!

Thanks for choosing Roosevelt Sales, LLC for your stocktaking needs.

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