Horse Tail Brush

Ponytail brush

At Schneiders you will find high-quality mane and tail brushes, combs, unravel brushes, tension combs, care sets, scissors and trimmers. This is a great hardwood horse brush with bristles that won't fall out. Mane- and tail brushes - Horse mane combs - Schneider's

Making a beautiful head and tail needs a lot of work. Specifically developed horse bristles and combing loosens your head. Select our luxurious care package, which contains a complete cleaning tool pack organised in a large carrying bag, or buy a horse-men' s head, metallic headband, brush, scissors and trimmer separat.

If you want an efficient horse-male brush, have a look at the different brushes we have on sale. We have our own bent brush for handles that is easy to use, with a non-slip stem, and at a good price. It is made of hardwearing synthetic material and has rubberized brushes that do not harm the horse's coat. The brush works its way through thick cocks and long masks and can be used to eliminate loss of coat or lose it.

Also we have light and long-lasting maned and tail hairs in different colours, also with elastic hair. The value of our toothbrushes is amazing! EasterĀ® and Wahl also have maned and tail brushs that are engineered for easy handling of long hairs and beaks. Easter brush has a distinctive multidirectional brushed pattern and a special developed feel to reduce handswear.

This brush of choice has longer, robust synthetic hair. The unique design of the detachable brush also makes it easy and gentle to remove dirt. We have a range of manes and tail crests, including our large synthetic hairs that help alleviate confusion and our plait crests that help you design your plaits and ribbons.

The mane is divided into three even segments. The aluminium drawing combs are used for drawing and trimming mane and for cutting off mane and lichens. A further useful combs is the top combs with a piked grip. With SoloComb? you can quickly and simply draw mane and get results that look as if drawn by han.

Completing your hair and tail care, take a look at our thin scissors made of high-grade high-grade high-grade steal and our head cutter and thinners. Select Schneiders' De luxe care package!

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