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Mane & Tail Comb's long fingers allow you to gently comb your horse's mane and tail. The Jeffers Mane & Tail aluminum comb doesn't cut hair.

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With its wide-tooth and tail comb, you can easily comb the longest and fattest hairs and heels. Curved edges avoid damaging brittle algae coat. It is important to make cleaning a day-to-day routine and an essential before horseback rides. No matter whether you need to unravel the unravel the unraveling or thin, braided or cut for competitions, our care products keep your coat in good shape and help it thrive and minimise rubble.

If you show your horse, the care can be up to 40% of the overall points!

Combs and mane

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Hair and tail comb

Two major grades of manes and tail combs - synthetic and metallic. Crests are often used on the manes to eliminate confusion, but attention should be paid to minimise hair pull from the manes. Growling or great confusion should be scoured and never removed from the hair or tail.

The cocks should be encourage to be long and full-growing, so no crests should be used. One of the best methods is to sprinkle the tail with a kind of defelting lotion and then use the rigid bristle or carefully cut the felts with your finger. You can also use conditioner on the tail to keep it free of confusion.

To more information on grooming, find out how to groom a horse and groom for success.

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