Horse Themed Clothing for Girls

Equestrian clothing for girls

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Equine Girls Clothing - Horse Gift Ideas

Our mission is to help everyone find the most original and funniest horse gifts, from footwear to sculptures. Nowadays we want to concentrate further on the young people and offer them colourful horse clothing that only children get away with. It' truely the younger generation can carry what they want and don't need an answer.

Many young horse enthusiasts want to be around their favourite pet & we can hardly resent them, has a more refined outline ever been made? We have chosen some of the sweetest and most fun horse clothing for children that we can today be sharing with our readership. This year we have your horse-loving children in our sights, from babies to teenagers.

Tonight we concentrate on the girls, but don't worries, the guys are not far behind! This funny and fabulous pullover features a horse and silvery shoes graphics floating on a box of mellow purple-blue. Ideal for young horse enthusiasts, in the shed or at work. This long-sleeved 100% polyester T-shirt features a vibrant galloping frontal canter.

This elegant long-sleeved top is as classy as it is sportive and a great highlight for every horse aficionado. This long-sleeved 100% pure black horse is jumping through a darkgrey area. This enchanting colourful gown will make the event.

Made of 100% 100% 100% organic fabric and fully tumble washed, the gown has colourful poly pony on a crunchy square of whiteness and a strong rose colored waistcoat. An amusing & bizarre selection for every young horse enthusiast, this top is bizarre & bright. There is a nice horse's heads in a rose coloured box, while strass stones give a chill shimmer.

A funny way to carry a small horse anywhere. Feral ponchos canter across a box of rainbows, while the Ponchos give it a touch of humour. This is a funny T-shirt & roller kit that every horse enthusiast will love. Rhinestone-horse pattern galloping over the crunchy T-shirt.

Sweet-coloured knobs adorn the front, as multi-coloured ponies are standing in a leafy area - as sweet as they are useful. This stylish horse top is made of a smooth cotton-cashmere mix. Ideal for chilly afternoons in the shed or at work, this top has a pretty spotted horse on a box of delicate rose.

This year we have a lot of great things to do and we love it all! Keep up to date with our horse articles several times a week (until the holidays). Surely, be sure to check out our new store for more funny horse topic items and use the links below to see more useful horse gifts items.

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