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Decorated Horse Theme House

The bizarre paper towel holder is beautiful and matches our nautical theme house. Sophisticated and rustic, this wooden, horse-shaped décor brings the style of a farmhouse to any room. More about a horse theme than cute cartoon critters and pretty ponies; many adults also love horses.

Subject-Rooms for horse-loving girls of all ages

When I grew up, your room was an blast of horse-plates and Breyer designs, showing bands and all kinds of bangs brick-a-brac. Or maybe it's still what your room looks like-- hey, we're not judging. That means horse-loving young women of all age will find something to enjoy in these designs.

Decorating a Horse Theme Bedroom for an Adult | Home Guides

There is more to a horse topic than sweet fancy cartoons and beautiful cartoons; many grown-ups also adore them. You can weave the subject into your décor in a subtle way, or you can take a daring and bizarre look. Transform your room into a classy haven that mirrors your horseriding passions.

When it comes to a horse topic, the colours you select determine the colour. In south-western styles, draw strong terracotta or teak -coloured surfaces. Draw a picture of animals cantering across the open plains. Paintings are not as difficult to make as you might think; with an OHP you can projected an object onto the screen and draw it with a graph pen.

If you are finished, draw it with acrylic rubber and it is like a color page. To create a rustic-looking stall look, coat the room in a barn courtyard in either cream or reddish colour with a craquelé finish. When a more formally masculine horse riding subject is more your own personal touch, use ground colours such as wood greens or burgundies.

Timber is the perfect piece of furnishing for every horse themed room. You can also use classic British equipment such as a Victorian or Edvardian look for a casual look in Europe. The dark marbled timber and a four-poster beds give the room a very sophistication. The British equitation includes the traditions of upscale equipment as well as horse backyard, hunt and racehorse sports.

If you have a rural horse look, select something easy, such as a chequered swing, or do without cloth and opt for wood stable doors. When your horse subject leads your room to the southwest, use brightly coloured southwestern printed drapes. When you want a braver message with your subject, get horse printed bed linen; if not, select regular bed linen in a colour that matches your pallet, and attach a horse themed note, such as a rucksack as a litter and old throwing cushions with horse printing media.

At the end of the day, it's what really pulls a horse themed bed room together. Mural or statues with ponies look at home in your room, but it is not the only way to decorate them. Place a hook on the walls and put up your Bridal and Trapeze, cowboys' hat or hoes. Place a seat on a stand in the room or on the walls.

A few innovations such as horse lights, switch plates and jars put the finishing touch.

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