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I thought it might just be a phase and she would concentrate on something else. Move past the plastic and in Find the best list of horse toys for children with a love for horses, gift ideas, christening ideas and activity toys all under the motto Horse! The Free Line offers a range of must-have toys for all spirited Spirit fans. Cabela''s has children's toys, outdoor children's toys and hunting toys that are a safe way for the whole family to enjoy nature together. Ancient horse toys from the specialist dealer for antiques rocking horses.

Horses around with mind and friends with this western line.

The Netflix episode tells the story of Lucky, a former urban woman who is moving to a small westernsville, or what she would call "in the midst of nowhere". "As she prepares for her new lifestyle in the Western world, she immediately joins a ferocious horse called Spirit and makes fast new friendships with two other youngsters, Pru and Abigail.

In DreamWorks' Oscar-nominated movie Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron, you can see the top horse Spirit that inspires the show. Now we can get Spirit, Lucky and the whole crowd into our houses. Just Play DreamWorks Spirit Driving Free line provides a range of must-have toys for all Spirit enthusiasts.

Initially we looked at the Spirit and Lusty Deluxe Feeding Set and were thrilled with how we could actually supply Spirit IRL. Whilst this smaller Spirit is only 14 inch, he behaves like a horse and likes herbs. Children can push the knob on his back to enable his motion realistically and oral and maxillofacial.

Spirits can dive their heads down just like a horse to dine or water, and children can get Lucy to give them lots of food - his favourite food! And, yes, it reproduces horse sound realistically. Includes: an animated ghost, a flexible fortune piece, a dining hall, a pail, four playing carpets, a ceiling, and a DreamWorks Spirit Driving Free: The Adventure Begins novel by Suzanne Selfors.

Next we looked at the Spirit Bin Playset, which allows kids to fantastically interact with character and replicate showscene. There are 24 items in the shed, among them a doll in her typical show dress and a Spirit-character. Featuring an upper floor hiding place for Lucy and her boyfriends to relax and unwind, additional enclosures for little horse enthusiasts to expand their scope, a slide gate leading to three horseboxes and more!

Lucky's flexible extremities are really used in this stable. They were placed to rid Spirit, sitting on the sofa in the shed, climbing a stairway and other funny actions postures. It comes with many beautiful pieces of jewellery to embellish the shed, such as a weather vane, a light, a fence and a side door.

There are also labels on the playing kit that children can use to embellish the outside of the shed. It was very inspiring labels that stood out from the showmes. A further prize, the playing kit, is very simple to install, with most figures either snap open or require no buildings at all.

Fortunately, the stable is roomy enough to accommodate some of Lucky's boyfriends as it has a large room and three horse sheds. For those interested in further filling their barns to keep Lucky and Spirit a little bit companionable, Spirit Free Dolls and Spirit Horses can be purchased. This set includes a tournament stallion and a horse (choice from: Pru and Chica Linda, Abigail and Boomerang, or Lucky and Spirit).

Every puppet is five inch in size and has posable children sleeves and feet to pose in fantastic actions or accompany their horse. They can be bought to use with or without the stable toy, as they are their own individual collectable toy. The great thing about the Spirit Horse Free Roll and the Spirit Horse range is that it encourages the caring game as the children are able to care for the lush horse hair.

All these toys we liked because each one was different from the last and needed a different skill set.

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