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Five things to make your horse feel lucky The luck of your horse is very important. Horse can't talk and some folks might ask "how do you know what makes a horse happier? Let's skip the apparent points like adequate nutrition, lots of clean drinkable fluids, sluggish diets, everyday physical activity, veterinary and blacksmith maintenance and caring, and concentrate on less apparent things a horse keeper needs to do to keep his horse healthy.

Horse take their routines as seriously as elderly people take their routines. For them, the consolation, order, balance and tranquillity they find at home. Feeding him, brushing him, training him, walking him, riding him, letting him enjoy weed, giving him enough to interact with other horse or animal and repeating the order the next one.

It is important to get to know your horse and get to know it - all of them have different personality traits and the determination of your personality gives you a good idea of what makes him feel lucky and at what age! Naturally, a horse is not a solitary creature. If a horse shows evidence of solitary, it probably goes through something like being sick or feel turned down by other ponies.

Ensure your horse has boyfriends, not just people. There are other horse in his lifetime that are perfect, but if not, get some cat or chicken to look at your horse. Horse need inspiration, they are by definition socially and adventure-loving. When you can change the landscape of your strolls or the "friends" that surrounds you, you will be very satisfied camper.

When placing your horse in a shed, you should consider the advantages of an overdraft protection instead of a conventional one. Bring other animal to divide the stable with him and let much air and daylight flow through the room. Utrained horses can have no focal point as a result of feelings of being distracted and useless.

We do not say that they all have to be race or show horse race or show horse; we are referring to the appointment of a job within their routines so that they find themselves every day precious. Let your horse take your kids one quick trip at a time, or order him to stay in a certain place and give him a little bit of a treat - these are the kinds of "tasks" you should integrate into your day.

The horse is a real enthusiast of his routines, so traveling can be very stressing. For your own safety, choose a transport system that fully meets your needs and keeps you up to date with the latest information throughout your journey. There is room for horse owner to participate in the journey, so if your horse is suffering from fear of division, you have the opportunity to go with him.

Equo organises pick-ups according to the horse's schedule and the horse is continuously spoiled and controlled throughout the journey. Okay, so is your horse! A horse longs for lost time after a journey, a show or a racing saison. Return to his routines as soon as he returns home, but allow him to stay away from too much turmoil in the shed or excitement in his routines.

Quiet strolls at your side and alone hours are exactly what your horse needs after many actions outside his home. Horse lovers can connect our horse with our own personal feelings and go a little far to have the feeling that they are lucky and deliver us back. But only good things can come out of it, because a horse is an beast that can perceive people' s feelings.

You give him your loving care and your intent to make him feel good and warm translates into a feeling of security and happiness. Should you ever see changes in your horse's behaviour or feel that it is not feeling well, do not forget these thoughts and seek the advice of your veterinarian and coach for further advice.

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