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Toys for horses

Toy for horses to relieve stress and anxiety. Her dog has an arsenal of funny, stress-breaking toys, so why shouldn't her horse do that? Toying with horses is a great way for your horse to have fun and stay out of trouble. You can choose from stable toys, pasture toys, stable snacks and pacifiers.

toy for horses

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Whether inside or outside, Nose-It! will keep your pets happily and contented and draw their attentions to the inside of the Nose-It! ballo. Nese-It uniquely and unmistakably patent pending twelve-sided "Slow-roll one edge à a time" styling keeps it from accidentally curling away. Perfect for large lumps of carrots and Timothy dice, to further decelerate horses that have a tendency to fall.

On the inside of the opening there is a large labellum so that the delicacies or dice do not fall out too easy. Each size has a 2 " 2 " diameter aperture with concavity and acts as a modification hopper to hold cereals and pelletized delicatessen.

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Developed to be particularly long-lasting for horses of all heights. 25 " and 30" golfballs come with a inflatable feet and an information booklet to blow up and maintain your Megaball. The 40 " balloon is not delivered with a dispenser. Make yourself comfortable giving this pleasure to your horse!

It is not only one of the warmest products on the horse breeding horse scene today, it is also wholesome and provides many important mineral benefits to your horse. The Hay Play is the new, innovating way to provide your horse with your everyday nutrition. The Hay Play simulation shows a naturally grazed pasture habitat and is designed for indoor and outdoor use on horses, donkeys, kids and cattle.

You can also use it as a boring killer without having to give your horse or fringe extrafeeding. Simply insert straw into the opening of this 16" round ball and your horse can start playing. Contribute to increasing the durability of your Jolly Megaball with a sporty upholstery.

40 " The Likit tongue twister is designed to entertain and distract horses while at the same time decreasing the frequency of writing off. When your horse is playing with the Likit tongue twister, his spinning balls rotate for additional challenges. Manufactured from highly resistant ABS synthetic material. Manufactured from high tenacity ethylene. There is no need for breath, so caustic and harsh playing does not let it loose its form.

Manufactured from tough, high quality synthetic material with large 6" opening connector for grocery or reward use. Contribute to increasing the durability of your Jolly Megaball with a sporty upholstery. 30 " Reduces your horse's bore and bad habit such as biting your logs and spiking with this uniquely new entertainment tool.

Manufactured from rugged elastomere latex for longevity and with apples scent to keep your horse busy. Jolly ball offers long lasting fun and movement. Manufactured from thick, long-lasting nylon polypropylene, the bal doesn't need compressed breath - so it can' t be emptied by sharp and harsh use. Big sizes are perfect for bigger horses.

Simpler to check for less experienced horses. Jolly Jug offers long lasting pleasure for your horse and its playfellows. Comes with a 14" Jolly Ball covered with a heavy duty launderable Cordura fabric. Dual grips allow several horses to drag together. Brilliant colours make this horse toys conspicuous.

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