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Horse Trader Magazine, steuben, ME. In EQSOL: Can you tell us something about the beginnings of the magazine? The Can Horse Trade offers free advertising for horse lovers, farm and ranch business. SouthWest Horse Trader is now available online. The demanding horse lover.

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New SouthWest Horse Trader classified ad section. You can add your small advertisements for free for a certain period of the year. Submissions to the journal must be submitted by the fifteenth of the monthly preceding the date of issue. I' d like to buy a bangs and a car together.

If you want a bangs with car for.....

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You will find Horse Trader at Pa-28 and 66 380. Published weekly on Greater Pittsburgh Market with over 150,000 subscribers and over 200,000 web subscribers per weeks.

The California Horsetrader

The California Horsetrader's Warren Wilsonwell-based paper, The California Horsetrader is now in its thirty-sixth edition. ELQSOL: Give us a short story about you and your commitment with the horse. Pepper Hill Ranch, 14 acres tall, is still thriving; my mom is living there with her beautiful quarter horses. She has a stud horse called Nic Chex.

Still riding and working in the municipality as a rider and responsibly using the area. Now, I am riding when I can, but what I have with my horse is mainly about my 6-year-old girl Lily. ENQSOL: Can you tell us something about the beginnings of the magazine? WW: California Horsetrader was established in 1979 by my mother Carolyn Read at Pepper Hill Ranch in San Marcos.

It was bought in 1990 and started eight years later. In 2005 we founded the Horsetrader Alliance (consisting of Equiery, Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar, Quarter Horse News and Barrel Horse News). ENQSOL: What aroused your interest in becoming active in the magazine? Mine was a senior journalist at the San Diego Evening Tribune (now U-T) and my mum worked for several of them.

When I was 20 years old, I was an editorial journalist in a newspaper and, at 23, editor-in-chief of a newspaper in the city. That was a great story on the newssite. And then I got into sports writing at the right moment - with the great San Diego Chargers of the 1980s, the pads in their World Series Run and the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

At the same it was my mom who had worked really hard to introduce something new to the market - a professionally designed, simple to use and accessible promotional tool for her horse-flavour. ENQSOL: How would you describe the magazine's primary task? WW: Our identification is quite simple, beginning with the name - we help to connect buyer and seller.

We' re all dressage riders. To have contents - both messages and advertisements - that are up-to-date and correct, to have a technologie that is important, to have a feeling of accountability that goes along with being part of the horse kingdom, all these tasks that we take seriously, and we take the challenges seriously.

However, it is about uniting buyer and seller. Respect EQSOL: You are one of the most pioneering and forward-looking publishing houses in the world. So what are some of the most significant changes you've made during your period with the magazine? Up to this point it was not the rule to publish horses reliably, up-to-date and free of charge.

From the old telefax with the reel form to the web and online as well as online and online advertising, innovations are all about the client - and how they connect the buyer and the seller. The Horsetrader staff is a distinguished group of committed professionals - from distribution and bookkeeping to manufacturing and IT, and everywhere in between.

This part is no different from any other sector. In my opinion, those that have this key objective - to bring together buyer and seller - will flourish when they put the buyer and seller first and understanding them. They also help to like the horse business and publishers. Thanks Warren for your patience - we're always happy to meet you.

SNOWPARK SOLMERKLASSIKER & ALL-SEASON TOURNAMENT: As September is just around the corner and for many participants the start of the course again, it was good-bye to this year' s autumn holidays. Extreme outings ended at the end of August at Showpark Sommer Classics, when a large group of show jumping horses competed in the $40,000 California Horsetrader presented to the public at the $40,000 Grandprix.

These youngsters took the open air arena when Blenheim EquiSports was proud to host the Sallie B. Wheeler/USEF National Hunter Breeding Championships, International Hunter Futurity Classes and the $45,000 Wild Turkey Farm Young Jumper Championships. The month of September began with an interesting interior contest at the All Seasons Summer Tournament show park. Hopes for the 2011 FEI World Cup and beyond were high on Thursday at the $30,000 Jumper Classic show park, presented by Royal Champion, and on Saturday night the $50,000 Grand Prix of Show Park, presented by EquiFit, Inc. was once again an Indoor World Cup series.

60 pairs of horses and horsemen wanted to canter onto the lawn for the $40,000 Showpark Summer Classic Grand Prix, presented by California Horsetrader. In the playoffs, the talented eight-year-old horse Bristol (Grey Fox Farm, owner) and his driver Rusty Stewart took fifth place. Throughout the Summer Classic Showpark, horsemen competed in three categories - 22 & more, 21 & less and 14 & less - for the CPHA Foundation ChampionshipTM.

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