Horse Trailer


The Featherlite offers horse trailers with living space and interior and exterior equipment to design the trailer exactly according to your wishes. Any used trailers sold at advertised prices are checked by our service department, overhauled and cleaned if necessary. Pendants are Deluxe, GH, Runabout, LQ Package and The.

Horsetrailers - Horse trailers made of aluminium

Your horse's security is paramount on the way. That' s why we fit every Neatherlite horse trailer with security standards such as 3/4" padded elastic foot pads and spring-loaded quick-release slot latches to protect the treasure that is dear to you. NEATHERLITE trailer are designed for long-distance traffic.

Featuring a stainless, all aluminium construction, powerful welding seams and heavy-duty properties, your trailer will always work as long as you need it. FEATHER LITE horseboxes are just as suited for bipeds as for quadrupeds, with facilities such as easy to adjust baskets and "Light Flo" lining doorframes.

They have a sturdier framework, hangers and hangers for added stability! The Featherlite PerfectFit? system gives you exactly what is best for you and your horse. Adjusting your trailer to your needs allows you to get more of yourself into your trailer so you can get more out of it.

Featherlite's solid aluminium longevity and 10-year transferable guarantee ensure that your Featherlite will experience the change of year. Featherlite lets you know what you get is exactly what you want. Elegant wool paneling combined with a mixture of options, colours and graphic options create a pendant to match your music.

Wherefore select Neatherlite Horse Series? FEATERLITE horseboxes place particular emphasis on security. Our tractors are equipped with advanced functions to keep your horse safely during transport and ensure trouble-free and reliable transport. The durable all-aluminium design gives every trailer a long service life and ensures low weight and high fueliciency.

And, with a range of customisable functions available through our PerfectFit system, our featured feature list is specifically tailored to match your T-shirt. Plus an unprecedented 10-year transferable guarantee, and you can be sure you' ll be withfeatherlite for life. Security is our top concern. Security is our top concern.

There are two words good enough to begin a discussion about feederlite horse trailers: security first. As we know that your horse's security is our top concern, we have made it ours. Incorporating innovations such as "Light Flo" folding door (for more lights and airflow), " Elastic matting (to cushion shocks) and bang bolts (to avoid injuries from moveable parts), the Featherlite ensures the security of your pet every single day you take to the streets.

If you transport your horse to a tournament or a trail, the endurance of your trailer is the keys to your succes. Featherlite's full aluminium, rust-resistant construction and superlative weld seams for firmness gives you security because you know your trailer is designed to last from the bottom up. If you decide on Featherlite, your trailer won't be one of them.

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