Horse Trailer Tack

Tractor unit for horse trailer

The DIY horse trailer tack room! Make it yourself, living area horse trailer. Pendant guards protect your horse from insects and road dirt and allow it to circulate the air.

Angular load horse trailer with Safetack®.

That' s why we are proud to provide sloping horse trailer with Safetack and Safetack® technologies to make sure everyone can safely pack, transport and unload. You can get our diagonal horse trailer model in the variants swan-neck trailer as well as trailer with bumpers. Whilst many sloping horse trailer uses traditional tail gluing techniques, this can cause trouble for your horse and for you.

The tailgate pattern provides a very small opening for your horse. lt also poses a security threat to you. If you try to get your horse into the sloping horse trailer, you could injure yourself slightly. Whether it's a Bumper pull diagonal horse trailer or three horse swan neck diagonal horse trailer, our Safetack will help your horse get loaded more lightly and minimize the chance of accident.

What trailer would charge your horse more? We estimate that most of your horse would find the second alternative more welcoming. There is an additional entrance area for horse and handlers. As soon as the horse is secure, the handlers can leave the back slope without pressure.

In addition, an additional tail area means that the risk of being trodden or having anxious horse is less before you are up. SafeTack® 4 ways is safer for your horses: Opening the whole tail of your sloping horse trailer allows you to get in and out of your horse securely.

An additional horse splitter ensures that your horse does not get off. Because most three horse carts have only two partitions, it's simple to see that when you open your back door, your last horse can try to get out after a long journey. Bottom bars can be hazardous and bottom suspenders can trim your horse.

The new Safetack® has an additional partition wall that allows you to open both back door fully and securely and prevent your horse from trying to get out. At full loading our horse trailer with inclined loading is well even. The Safetack® is easy to open and lock, even when fully laden, so you can comfortably pick up all your stickiness and equipment.

The most bumpers attract sloping horse trailer have a wardrobe in the front part. The new Safetack® sloping horse trailer has a changing room at the front and a Safetack Easy Back Tray at the back.

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