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Find new places to ride and camp on Trail Riders Helping Trail Riders. Equalachian Horse Adventures im Montebello Camping and Fishing Resort. The Big Eau Pleine Park Trails: Walkers & Mountainbiker also on horse routes permitted.

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As Will Rogers once said: "You know how smart a horse is. You' ve never known a horse to go bankrupt and bet on people." We would like to point out that you will never go bankrupt if you bet on our bridle paths. You will find long-distance hiking trails both in isolated areas of the West and in inhabited parts of the East and the Midwest.

Occasionally you can split the route with ATV' s and snow mobiles. Several of the trails shown here contain an adjoining horse track with a specially constructed hoof finish. Horse back-riding in other locations is strictly prohibited, which we take into account when the information is available. You may be able to go one way in one country but not the same way in another country.

As most bridleway charts contain this information, you should review the link to a particular route (under "Related Links" on the Directions page). For more information about vaguely appearing horse back country information, visit the website of the trails.

For more information on bridle paths to the state, see the Horse & Mule Travel Guide USA ( or visit Horse rentals at These establishments often have the arid condition and limitations for riders, so please get in touch with them. You can use our advanced searching function to find long distances that are perfectly suited for equestrian sports.

Lastly, although we try to keep you up to date with the latest information on bridle paths, we don't always do it right. You can help your rider mates by publishing pictures and an overview of detail that will be useful for their ride.

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