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I was looking for Performance Horse Trainers help. Coach wanted in Utah Sanpete Horse Training. The Ranch Hands Wanted on Horse Ranch in Texas RTM Ranch. Catch the right job as a horse trainer with company evaluations and salaries.

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Comment on an article "Are you still looking for" when posting on the ad OR the OR the original billboard clearly has its name from which you would be sending a PM to it..... When a website is made available to look at and connect with, use it.

Finally, if no contacts have been posted - personal messages the display's orginal-posters. When you click on it, you will be redirected to their profiles where you can send them a personal greeting. You can do this after you' ve contacted them at all the other provided contacts - you can leave a comments on their ad and add something like this to them in your comments:

"and I' m very interested in your vacancy as an assistant trainer.

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This item includes the sale of ponies, horse back-riding and horse education as well as education. The tasks include: manure boxes, litter, horse switch, feed / irrigation, washing and general maintenance of the shed. The tasks include: manure boxes, horse switch, animal feed / drinking, cleansing, care, nursing, washing, first aids for the horse and general maintenance of the shelter.

Twice a months payment MUST be made to ensure safe transport. Other tasks included monitoring personnel, feed, spreading the horse, maintaining records and supporting clients as needed. The trainees are in charge of supporting the maintenance, feed and day-to-day operation of the stable. Support of the owner / trainer in all aspects: turning, caring, medicine, stock, switch, horse caring (vet, farrier), support during the stud year. Ideal horse rider would be good enough to help with the day-to-day riding schedule.

Fulltime horse back-riding and lessons, and stable work as needed. Horse caring and some nursing on the estate. Detail-orientated bridegroom, crap, brushing, polishing, travelling to shows. Stable personnel We are looking for an employee to support the company in the daily supervision of our 65 pigs. No manure places, switch, food, changing of blankets, first help, administration of some employees.

This work includes animal feed, stable and stable maintenance, help with farriery and veterinary work, trying on sales ponies and some soil maintenance work. Among other things, the tasks include: - Nursing - Stapling - Feed - Winding - Lungeing - Cliping - Total hygiene. There is no need to make a sound. Help other employees with standard stable work.

Fodder, switches, stable cleansing, general tasks - brushing, harvesting hey etc. We at FOM are working hard to provide a highly qualified and disciplined working atmosphere that is committed to the highest standards of nursing and educational excellence. Tasks included stables, farming, riding, teaching, customer interactions. I must adore a horse. It is for a housewife, but may have to go to some shows according to the number of them.

We' re looking for an expert bridegroom and trainer who can take care of everything from tidying up to the start of youngsters. Tasks include: tidying stables, attaching ponies, horse wash, clippings, cleaning, pack and preparation of shows, show and horse ride tidying, if appropriate but not necessary.

Assistance trainer/trainer. You will be in charge of the day-to-day work on the estate, such as feed, check the animals every day, muck out the stables, change bed linen, lay out the animals, clean up costs, care and attachment of the animals for work, allocation of vitamin, swimming, lichen and general first aids.

Monitor the day-to-day maintenance of the horse, work with the youngsters monitoring the tasks, work with the Parade Ministry - design expertise useful, but no Dealbreaker. stitching, tidying, stables, assembly, dispatch, clip, clamping, jumper brackets, etc. Search for equestrian positions for top dressage training and sales shed! Stable work, general housekeeping, general horsekeeping.

Enjoy the summers with a great group of children, lovely ponies and kind people. Horseback Riders are camping advisors who take good charge of our ponies, teaching our camper how to feel good on the lovely ponies and how to horse run / look after / enjoy them! Westernrider with horse back rides expertise in many different types of horse, both young and young.

Horses welcome. Inclusive, but not restricted to: Manure boxes, feed ings, change of blankets, normal stable work, fixing fences, mowing grass, trimming rings & assisting in jumping, hay fields, working on agricultural plant. The professional designation refers to the caring of the livestock and the stable and the willows.

Together with the planning and management of the horse during all visits to the veterinarian and farrier's forge, etc., we will be happy to assist you. We''....................................................................................................................................................................................................... There are many tasks involved in this task, include, but not restricted to, dealing with large and small pets, container washing in which they were transported, air way bill washing, air way bill washing, operating at the airfield for supplies, raising 50 lbs or more on a regular basis, some lightweight buildings or the repair of boxes, etc...

Chief trainer for youth and adult ham programmes. The tasks include maintaining horse, medicine and programme recordings. Carers at Michael Byatt Arabians care for, train and improve the conditions of the horse. Feed and clean stations, bucket and tank washing, general service and other tasks are part of the job.

Byatt Arabians is looking for an expert breeder and vet technician who is committed, highly committed and highly committed to all aspects of foal and foal husbandry, feed and cleansing. Cares for and nourishes the horse. Guides the horse before and after the event to and from the reception stable or drivers' camp. Notifies the trainer of the horse's behaviour and fitness to change the workout or conditions in the run.

In search of an ardent, impassioned and knowledgeable horse enthusiast who creates unforgettable adventures for our ranchers. They will be included in all facets of the visitor adventure, from horse map and horse back rides to cookery, photographing, transport to and from the city and host. Parttime obligations that cover all stages of stable/horse management, incl., but not restricted to switches, manure boxes, stable management, etc.

Several houses sit with the grooming of bitches and males. Feeding and grooming of the horse twice a days. Stable management and organisation. A wellestablished horse ranch is looking for a highly qualified person to be part of its team. Prior knowledge of horse grooming is preferable. On site livemanager, who supervises the organisation of grooming, cutting and stables and helps with the horse work.

A number of tasks involve mucking-out the stables, feed, cleaning, shearing, braiding, wrestling and more. The work involves stables cleansing, feed & water, horse run, medicine, stables cleansing, casual training, etc. Exercise the pony for manual and driver training at large exhibitions. Possibility for the right hunter/jumping trainer. Assistance coach.

He will be in charge of the teaching programme and the customer dressage horse. Teaching, horse and pony practice. We' re a small privately owned hunter-jumper shed looking for a committed individual to help with the horse and the stable. It is a direct appointment with the coach. Work and warm-up dry showpieces from 2 year old to showpieces.

Everyday maintenance of 2-4 ponies, incl. manure, switches, maintenance, clippings, clearing the stable and travelling to exhibitions. I am looking for a Westerns or Rope / Team Penning or Cutter Trainer with a good approach, passion for horse, human and horse work. You must be willing to help extend an educational/training programme at our institution ý our horse back yard and snowboarding stables, which require hardworking work.

There are various tasks for hiking leaders, such as horse-fedding, horse-back-racing lessons and hiking tours. Further available items are the operation of trucks and cattle trailers. Tasks included nutrition, cleansing, breeding, foals, broken halters. Do you need an executive management assistent and an assistance trainer with practical trainings experiences? Has to be ready to give food, clear stables, wait, etc.

We have more than 200 pupils. English-style horsesback rides Jr. and Sr. Trainer Position(s) available, who work with young people in our standard teaching programme from an establishment equestrian centre near Charlotte, NC. Solid, family-friendly, secure environment in which the basics, team work and good equestrian skills are in the foreground. The tasks are among other things the work with ponies, the leading of hiking trails, the supplying and the care of our stables and other stable cattle.

Cleansing of the barns and stables. The assistents of the breeders' section are in charge of feed and irrigation, housekeeping and general agricultural work and upkeep. In addition, the staff of the breeders' section are supported in all breed tasks, veterinarian and blacksmith, flock and foal care. Charlotte, North Carolina Area Hunter Jumper Jarn is looking for skilled, hard-working individuals who are interested in learn from a local job responsibility, including teaching, slowness and schooling.

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