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The Equilab is the horse app for all riders who want to follow their horse training and results. Includes 5 apps for horse lovers. If you are a horse-owning fan and you may not have noticed that there is an application for it, but there is! There are so many horse-related apps that we have chosen not to bombardy you with them all at once. This 5 apps for horse owners are available on Appleunes, keep up for our Google Playlist of Android apps.

It will help purchasers of straw to select the cheapest package when buying it. Horses are able to assess the horse's physical mass for the purpose of feed and drug-dosing. Apple user can select from 5 different horse models and after input of size, length and size the size of the horse is estimated.

This is a really extensive application for horse lovers. The Horse Keeper allows you to save all the information about your horse's condition, as well as contacts for horse healthcare professionals and memories when your horse is needed for a horse care operation. PocketStable allows you to keep an eye on your horse's vaccinations, farriers' visit, horse dentists' appointment, worm curves and even your horse's age.

The first in a range of horse training applications, this application provides more than just horse training advice, it also provides a deep appreciation of the horse. It is a handheld travel companion for new horse lovers. Have you got a favourite application to help you take good charge of your horse?

Horse training in the App Store

equi track can help you to achieve this edge by giving you the information you need to adapt the training for each horse in your shed. Share your training or fun drives on Facebook or send an e-mail to a customer to show how you and your affiliate are doing. Whether for fun or training - EquiTrack makes it easier for you to have everything at hand.

Customize your horse's personal image, include his own photos. Keep as many ponies in the stables as you need. Capture every trip with iPhone GPS, complete with timing, range and pace. Track your horse's cardiac frequency. See the trip on a chart and a detailled statistical page.

Drive'freestyle' without a training programme, and the trip will still be logged by GPS. Hear your audio books or your favourite tunes while driving and the sound of the training programmes will inform you of any changes. Monitors the amount of power you and your horse have used up on every trip.

Build customized training programmes to improve your workout. Annotate each trip with your own memos. Every horse in your stables has an overview page with the overall riding times, distances, speeds and energies needed for all horsebacks. Select the soil condition to store it on each trip or to check performance.

The weather information is added and stored every trip is made. When you start your journey, your start point is added and stored every trip. Display your actual pace, top pace, mean pace, range, travel times and power for each trip. Select from many built-in tones to adjust the training programme alerts. Educational programs:

With EquiTrack you can use up to 9 individual training programmes to keep your horse at maximum training level. Every training programme has up to 10 moves that use either your own amount of either your own training or your own training interval to capture each one. Simply change a programme to incorporate or jump over the required sequence of actions. An example of a customer-specific training program:

They can also drive without a training programme and the trip is documented on a card and in a statistic. The" calorie consumption" computation for human beings is computed according to the velocity and driving range of your journey and is easily available to you. But horse power consumption is very hard to compute and would be influenced by many different things, much more than is true for this application.

However, please be aware that the calorie count for your horse is not exact and should only be used for one point of use to see if the horse is "burning more energy" than the preceding riding or training sessions. If you have any queries about your horse's condition and calorie consumption, please contact your vet.

Since then I have switched to the "Horse Riding" application, which does about the same thing, because it offers the possibility to begin and stop the chase via the clock. When it' done, it synchronizes the journey with the mobile with GPS-Map. It' s great how this application captures all the mileage of my horse seperately and combinations them for my overall mileage.

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